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Enchantimals dolls – new dolls 2019!

enchantimals felicity fox

Who is Enchantimals?


These are collectible pupae – animals with small or large pets. Enchantimals are families of dolls. Dolls – Enchantimals – the inhabitants of the magical forest, where girls animals live with pets. All dolls are girlfriends, kind and open, always ready to help. In the forest with them there are various wonderful adventures and magic. The Enchantimals ™ cartoon and doll story games will help develop in your child feelings such as caring for others, compassion. Your children will grow up kind and open. With a variety of Enchantimals dolls, accessories and play sets, your child will have a lot of fun playing and translating his fantasy into the game.

Characters Enchantimals:

Felicity Chanterelle and her friend Flick

enchantimals felicity fox

Felicity is a very smart, agile and inquisitive traveler. She does not sit still, she loves to explore the world.


• Fearless

• calm leader

• Pathfinder Abilities

• Sharpened perception of all the senses

• Move silently and quickly.

Favorite activities Felicity girl and her flick love to travel the most.

Patter Pavlina and her friend Flap

enchantimals patter peacock

Patter is the most sociable and open girl who amazes others with her luxurious feathers – her pride! Patter loves to chat, and when she worries, she sings.


• conversational

• open and confident

• Likes to cheer others Abilities

• Can fly short distances

Favorite activities With a beloved friend – Flap sing in a beautiful duet. Their songs are fascinating.

Danessa Olenni and Sprint

enchantimals danessa deer

Deer Danessa is a shy quiet girl, and her actions speak louder than words.

Danessa always appears in the right place at the right time in order to provide the necessary support and help to a friend in need. Character • Sensitive • shy • Thoughtful Abilities • Runs very fast • Has perfect vision. Favorite activities The favorite game of the girl Danissa and the Fawn Sprint is to race around the forest.

enchantimals danessa deer doll

Brie Rabbit and Rabbit Twist


Bree girl is distinguished by her ingenuity. Her ears are always on top, and she is always waiting for adventure! Bree is not only clever and resourceful, but she also knows how to invent something new. When she is interested in a project, Bree is immersed in it.


• Energetic

• Creative girl

• Responsible Abilities

• Jumps best

• Perfect hearing

Favorite activities Bree and Twist are a couple of hurricanes of creative energy when it comes to self-made projects. For them, the more complex and larger the project, the more interesting.

enchantimals bree bunny doll
Bree Bunny & Twist
enchantimals bree bunny doll 1
Fluffy Bunny & Mop

Sage Skuncy and Kuiper

enchantimals sage skunk

Skunkie Sage is very smart and physically developed. The girl quickly finds a way out of a difficult situation.

Deep down, she’s a little naughty.


• Cheerful

• Funny

• Optimist Abilities

• Sensitive to danger.

• Calm

Favorite activities When Skunk Sage and her friend Kuiper are free, they are not busy working on their new song, they usually plan a skilled joke.


Cherish and her cheetah (Cherish cheetah)

enchantimals cherish cheetah

Pickey Kakadu and Shini

enchantimals peeki parrot

Hicksby and Hedgehog Poynter

enchantimals hixby hedgehog

Green and Zebra

enchantimals zelena zebra

Jillian and giraffe

enchantimals enchantimals giraffe

Catherine and the elephant

enchantimals ekaterina on elephant

Sancha and squirrel

enchantimals sancha squirrel

Clarita and clown fish

enchantimals clarita clownfish

Jessa and jellyfish

enchantimals jessa jellyfish doll

Dolce and dolphin

enchantimals dolce dolphin

Dressing table Starling

enchantimals-enchantimals starling playset

Sandell and a horse carriage harnessed by sea horses

enchantimals sandella seahorse

Cameo and crabs on the beach

enchantimals cameo crab doll

Pig Petya and all for baking

enchantimals-enchantimals baking buddies

Camping set, Raelin doll and raccoons

enchantimals raelin raccoon doll

Prina Penguin and kiosk with ice cream

enchantimals preena pinguin playset
polar bear 1
pawbry bear
preena pawbry play set
mayla mouse
cailey cow
lluella lama enchantimals

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