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lotta looks cookie swirl candy cub

We really want to tell you about the new dolls from Mattel – Lotta Looks. From the name of these dolls it is clear that now for one doll you can create many images and styles. All you need for this is sold with the Lotta Lux doll. That is, you will buy with the doll more than 20 accessories to create more than 100 images and moods.

lotta looks cookie swirl mattel

Use all the details for the eyes, mouth and hairstyle to create a new mood for the doll every day. Dolls can be joyful, angry, fun, you can glue gum, nose and ears of the mouse. Lotta Looks are dolls designers. Take off your clothes, shoes, hair, eyes and change. All parts fit all Lotta Looks dolls.

lotta looks cookie swirl doll

The legs and arms of the dolls are movable, the head is very large, since it is with her that all changes in images and styles occur. Even fingers can express the mood of Lotta Looks dolls.

Additionally, you can buy emotions, clothes and shoes.

Five Lotta Looks dolls are on sale.

  1. Lotta Looks Cookie Swirl Chocolate Chip Chill is a cute doll with blue hair. All Lotta Lox dolls are sold with coasters. Among the styles of this doll you will get – pink eyebrows, a pink lock of hair with a hairpin in the form of chocolate chip cookies, a pig’s nose, two parts of the lips, eyes in the form of chocolate chip cookies, an outfit, shoes. This doll is inspired by the famous video bloggers – Cookieswirl.

2.Lotta Looks Candy Cub – a girl in pink hair. 20 accessories that are sold with a doll will help you create different moods – sadness, thoughtfulness, anger. Also, you can decorate her hairstyle.

3. Lotta Looks Skate Pop is a very bright doll on casters. Decorate the doll’s hairstyle, change her face and have fun together!

4. Lotta Looks Cookie Swirl Rainbow Sugar Rush. This doll has very cool accessories in the style of caramel and unicorn. All girls will like it.

5. Lotta Looks Wether girl – With the help of her accessories, create a mood and style according to the weather and your mood!

Lotta Looks dolls are a great gift for developing your child’s imagination. These dolls will give you a lot of vivid emotions. Mix the accessories of all Lotta Looks dolls with each other, collect these dolls for even more fun!

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