L.O.L. Surprise!

The first series of L.O.L. SURPRISE

lol surprise 1 series

lol surprise 1 seriya

The first series of L.O.L. Surprise was released for sale in December 2016 and instantly conquered the world. These cute little surprise dolls immediately became the most sought-after toy for little girls around the world.



They combine the latest trends in making toys with a popular culture! Namely:

L.O.L. dolls:

  • Amazing pupae surprises that are in a packed ball
  • A collection of over 45 different dolls.
  • Released in series, so all dolls are not available at the same time.
  • Super cute baby dolls with clothes, accessories and “skills” (spitting, writing, discoloration, crying)
  • Rich style

lol 1 series

In Series 1, there are two types of L.O.L. dolls: Tots (also called big sisters) and LiL Sisters (little sisters). Tots are super cute dolls that can be seen in most unpacked videos. Little sisters are toy sisters.

Series 1 includes 24 older sisters and 4 small ones. Tots comes with 7 layers for unpacking, and Lil Sisters with only 5 layers.

The first series of L.O.L. was flavored, the pupae smelled pleasantly of strawberries.

On the first layer of L.O.L. Surprise was depicted the most fashionable doll from the series – Diva in a leopard white swimsuit over her shoulder. Her lush white hair adorned a big red bow, and a waist strap accentuated the waist.

The greatest joy for girls was to find very rare dolls with shiny hair and clothes hidden in golden balls.

Another very important surprise of all the pupae and the first series, in particular, is that after the girl finds the pupa, she will know what the pupa does. The most interesting feature of the L.O.L. doll is the ability to change color in cold water with ice. It is only necessary to dip the pupa and the pattern on her body, another hair color or something else will be immediately visible.

lol list first series

  1. Aquianalana says:

    If the fancy doll from series 1 has a bow headband, is it fake? I got one with a headband and a different dress.

    1. dolls-admin says:

      I can not say for sure without seeing the doll. but the original dolls are the same as in the collector’s sheet

  2. Hello! My name is Antonia(I am from Vancouver,Canada 8 1/2 years old,and I am a big fan of LOL surprise dolls.I started to collect them in 2015 . My question to you is:It is possible to remake and Bring back in the stores Series 1?It was my favourite Series. You have no idea how much I love these dolls! Thank you so much for making these possible.I would appreciate if you could reply to this e mail.

  3. Hiiiiiii! im Unicorn. i am 9 years old and i luv L.O.L dolls. they have inspired me to be me! i hope there is a long generation of them and they live on 4eva!

  4. Hi i’m Emily, I’m 13 years old and I’ll just say that I’ve been collecting lol dolls since I was 7 years old! I absolutely love series one and have collected 4 dolls so far from series one (Mc Swag, Center Stage, Linedancer and Crystal Queen). I’m very happy they have re released the dolls but please add more to the re release series one pack, I hate not having the change to get baby cat or merbaby (if that’s her name).

    1. Administrator says:

      Hi, Emily! Thanks for the comment, I’ll update the information for sure!

  5. i only have about twelve lols because mom will not let me get them but i am asking for them on my birthday and for christmas

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