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disney frozen 2

Frozen – the most popular, sensational Disney cartoon in recent times. Princess Elsa won the hearts of millions of girls, toys and clothes with Elsa are incredibly popular.

Therefore, we already know, but great news for you – in November 2019 there will be a continuation of the legendary animated film “Frozen – 2” (Frozen – 2).

Thank you, Disney, for continuing the wonderful cartoon Frozen. Now we can once again enjoy the plot with our beloved heroes – Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff and watch the heroes travel in search of the truth.

With Frozen heroes, have fun reliving their adventures.

Songs from the first part of the cartoon are still sung by both children and adults! Now we are waiting for new hits.

Of course, I want to have toys and accessories at home that will help me plunge and beat the scenes from the cartoon. Or, perhaps, dress in the heroes of the Frozen and introduce yourself as a princess?

Let’s see together what toy factories have prepared for us so that we can please ourselves with our purchases.

I suggest you watch the latest Frozen 2 trailer and plunge into the world of Arendel. Read to the end, the most interesting anise!

The second part of Frozen shows the adventures of princesses Anna and Elsa, as well as their friends – Kristoff, Sven and Olaf. The cartoon characters travel outside Arendelle to find out the secret of their country and to understand why Princess Elsa had magical abilities.

I am sure you are looking forward to going to the cinema. We, too!

And, in advance, we want to invite you to familiarize yourself with Frozen Disney toys and dolls.

The most popular doll today is Anna, everyone wants her.

Fashion doll Disney Frozen Anna

Frozen Anna Disney

In Disney’s Frozen 2, Princess Anne sets off on a journey far from home. Her unwavering optimism and perseverance are tested, and she must learn to be strong, even when it seems impossible, and to do the right thing. Your baby can recreate scenes from the Frozen 2 cartoon with this Princess Anna doll. Her outfit and long red hair are exactly the same as in the cartoon. The doll is articulatory, it can be put in different poses to play scenes from your favorite cartoon.

Be sure to present this Anna doll to your child after watching the cartoon Frozen.

Frozen 2 Anna Costume Boots for Kids

disney anna costume boots

ELSA Fashion Doll

With the Disney Frozen doll, your baby can play memorable moments of the cartoon, as well as come up with her own adventures in Arendelle.

Frozen elsa fashion doll disney Frozen elsa fashion doll disney Frozen elsa fashion doll 1

Frozen 2 Large set of dolls

The main characters of the cartoon Frozen 2 are of course Princess Anne and Elsa, Anna’s boyfriend Kristoff, snowman Olaf, Elsa Knock’s magical friend and Lieutenant Matthias. All dolls are made in the image of cartoon characters, their costumes are fully copied and recreated to the smallest detail. Frozen 2 dolls bend their arms and legs, they can be given different poses and play many scenes from the film. The price of this set is not small, but for the money you will get a lot of impressions and positive emotions for a long time. Your baby will be delighted – this is the best gift for a girl on a holiday! You can buy on the official website
Even more sets of Frozen Hero Dolls can be found here. 

Frozen 2 Character Set with Small Figures

Now your baby will be able to recreate even more scenes from her favorite cartoon Frozen 2. The set has enough characters for this. The figures are not large, but their images are made in the likeness of the characters in the movie Frozen.
frozen 2 figure play setIn the set you will find such characters: Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Sven, Olaf, Knock, Matthias, Elena.

Musical Snow Scepter

The snow globe scepter, with figures of Anna and Elsa, plays the song “Into The Unknown”.

frozen 2 snow wand


Disney Frozen Singing Elsa Fashion Doll

Press a button on her bodice to hear Elsa doll sing “Into the Unknown” from Disney Frozen 2. Her outfit glows when music plays. The hair is long, you can experiment with hairstyles.

disney frozen singing elsa 1 disney frozen singing elsa

Singing Elsa “Frozen 2”

Now you can sing songs with Elsa. Her satin ice costume conveys the atmosphere of the cartoon. Gorgeous hair is braided in a braid, and on legs the boots are exactly the same as in the cartoon.
elsa singing doll frozen 2 lolsdolls

 See our unpacking of the singing Elsa here.

lol surprise crystal star 23

Turn Elsa’s hands and you will hear her singing “Into the Unknown”, sing along with her.
elsa singing doll frozen 2

We compared two dolls – the singing Elsa and Lady Crystal. See here.

lol surprise crystal star 26

We have collected photos of all Elsa’s singing dolls, see which one you like best? All dolls can be bought on Amazon from the link here.elsa singing doll frozen 1elsa singing doll frozen 2elsa singing doll frozen 4elsa singing doll frozen 5elsa singing doll frozenelsa singing doll frozen 3

Singing Anna Frozen 2

disney frozen singing anna 1 disney frozen singing anna

Kristoff Frozen Doll 2

For the full game, besides Elsa and Anna dolls, you will need their friend from the Frozen – Kristoff. Kristoff doll is very similar to the character of the cartoon Frozen 2. His outfit and hairstyle are identical to the screen character.
frozen 2 kristoff doll

Frozen Elsa costume boots Frozen 2

disney frozen 2 boots


Disney Frozen Elsa Fashion Doll & Nokk Figure

disney frozen elsa doll

Disney Frozen Anna and Elsa’s Royal Sled

This game set is from the first part of Frozen, but it’s so cool that we couldn’t add it to the selection of Frozen 2 toys.

disney frozen royal sled

Frozen Disney 2 Talking Small Plush Sven


Disney Frozen 2 Talking Small Plush Elsa, Anna, Olaf

disney talking frozen 2

Disney Frozen Elsa Deluxe Styling Head

  • Head for creating hairstyles with long hair and 13 styling accessories.
    The set includes: 1 hair brush, 4 hair clips, hair dye, 3 hair spirals and 4 elastic bands.

Frozen Styling Head Elsa Frozen 2 Styling Head Elsa Frozen Styling Head Elsa lolsdolls

Disney Frozen Anna Deluxe Styling Head

Frozen Styling Head anna Frozen Styling Head anna lolsdolls

Frozen 2 Disney Follow-Me Friend Olaf 

Interactive snowman from the cartoon “Frozen2” – knows more than 30 phrases, follows a snowflake projected by a staff, closes and opens his eyes, raises his eyebrows, shakes his head, sings a song from the cartoon “When i’m older”

frozen disney olaf follow me friend frozen disney olaf

Frozen Disney Elsa, Anna, & Olaf Deluxe Fashion Doll Set

Dolls based on the most anticipated Disney Frozen2 cartoon. Beautiful outfits based on the cartoon, the dolls bend their legs and arms, you can play many scenes from the cartoon.

frozen disney elsa anna olaf set

Disney Frozen 2 Dolls – Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven with Sleigh

  • There are five dolls in the Frozen 2 set: fashion dolls Anna and Elsa, Kristoff’s doll, Olaf’s doll and Sven’s figure. This set from the cartoon Frozen 2 will be enough to play games on the plot of the cartoon.
  • Frozen Moget dolls are actually sledding, wheels under the sled allow you to do this.
  • Outfits and accessories for cartoon-style dolls: Anna, Elsa and Kristoff dolls are dressed in outfits and boots, like in the Disney Frozen 2 movie

disney frozen 2 dolls and sled disney frozen dolls and sled

Disney Frozen 2 Elsa fashion doll with Pabbie & Salamander figures

  • Beautiful Elsa Doll: A popular Frozen cartoon character. As in the cartoon, the Elsa doll has long blond hair in a pigtail.
  • The doll’s outfit is also in the style of a cartoon, a blue dress with snowflakes.
  • Together with Elsa in this set her friends from Frozen 2: Pubby and Salamander. These friends accompanied Elsa to Arendelle.
  • Your baby can attach a salamander toy or an ice toy to the hand of an Elsa doll to play exciting scenes from the movie.

disney frozen 2 elsa fashion doll

Frozen 2 dolls Anna and Kristoff

Favorite couple from the cartoon Frozen 2 Anna and Kristoff together.

Anna has a beautiful dress from the cartoon Frozen 2: a cream-colored dress with brilliant accents and a movie-style design
Kristoff is also in a movie-style outfit: Kristoff is wearing his classic outfit with a removable tunic and boots.

frozen 2 anna kristoff fashion dolls

frozen 2 anna kristoff dolls

Huge real Deer Sven from Frozen 2, with sounds

Frozen 2 Deer Sven with sounds – the perfect baby-size friend for girls and boys. The height of the Deer is more than 90 cm (3 feet) from the hoof to the deer horn, can withstand children weighing up to 30 kg (70 pounds).

Sven from the Frozen cartoon makes over 20 sounds, including funny phrases in Kristoff’s voice “Sven!”. Your baby can feed the deer carrots and hear a loud sound. Pull the reins of Sven, pat him on the head and you will hear many real deer sounds.

You can also cuddle with Sven, he has a soft luxurious mane made of faux fur.

Therefore, the deer Sven from “Frozen” is the perfect gift for any holiday – Christmas, New Year or Birthday!

Includes 1 deer and carrot, 2 batteries required.

frozen 2 sven reindeer with sounds

frozen2 sven reindeer with sounds

Disney Frozen Me Reader

You can join Elsa, Anna and Olaf, as well as their magical adventures in Arendelle. We bring to your attention eight illustrated paper books and the electronic module Me Reader, which reads each book aloud. You select a book, press the buttons on the module page and listen to the whole story in English, along with funny and amazing sounds! Sounds and expressive narrative enhance reading comprehension.

This Frozen Me Reader e-library is special because:

Attracts young readers
The combination of words with pictures forms a vocabulary
Multi-sensory reading experience stimulates the imagination of young readers
Includes popular Frozen characters: Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Kristoff and Svena.

Frozen 2 Me Reader Frozen Me Reader

Elsa dressing table for a young beauty

The makeup table is made in the style of Frozen. Every detail resembles a scene from a movie.

Plays 2 songs from Frozen 2.

Open the doors and admire the mirror, there is a box for storing treasures and 7 hair accessories.

frozen 2 elsa enchanted ice vanity frozen 2 elsa enchanted ice vanity 1

Elsa Castle in Arendelle Frozen 2 with light and sound effects

frozen castle playset

A huge castle for the dolls of Anna and Elsa.

150 centimeters high (5 feet high) and 120 cm (4 feet) wide is the size of a two-sided Elsa castle. The Frozen Palace has elegant folding gates and 4 floors, including an observation tower.

frozen arendelle castle playset

The palace is equipped with a colorful light show: click on the elevator base to light flickering multi-colored lights that shine beautifully on the interior walls of the castle.

frozen arendelle castle playset 3

frozen castle playset 3

Place the Disney Frozen Elsa or Anna fashion doll in the built-in doll stand and move them up and down the castle.

frozen castle playset 4

Elsa Castle has 7 furnished rooms: each of the rooms has 14 accessories, including a piano, banquet table, throne chair and much more.

frozen arendelle castle playset 2 frozen arendelle castle playset 4 frozen castle playset 1 frozen castle playset 2

Fans of Disney Frozen films will love this palace of Anna and Elsa as a birthday present or any other occasion to recreate scenes from the cartoon.

On the back of the box there is a coloring.

frozen castle playset 5

There is another Elsa castle – Arendell.

Your baby will love to recreate her favorite scenes from Frozen 2 with this game set. After all, in addition to the castle, the set also includes characters. Click on the top window to activate music and lights! Together with the castle, the set includes figures: Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven, as well as a sleigh, three beds, a desk, a chest, a throne, a hammock, a sofa, a statue of a knight, a dining table and two chairs. Castle Functions:

  • The wall in the tower rotates
  • By clicking on the top window, music and light are activated
  • Removable spire
  • Folding ladder
  • The castle opens
  • You can store all figures and furniture in the castle when it is closed
  • Brilliant detail

arendelle castle frozen 2arendelle castle play set frozen 2arendelle castle play setarendelle castle frozenYou can find such an Arendelle castle on There is a similar castle on Amazon.

Christmas tree decorations Olaf, Anna and Elsa

Decorate your Christmas tree with figures and balls with the characters of your favorite cartoon Frozen 2. There is a singing Elsa, a cute snowman and both sisters Anna and Elsa together. Better take them all – your baby will be the happiest this Christmas. Thanks to the stand, you can put jewelry on the table, not only hang it on a Christmas tree by a satin ribbon.

anna and elsa sketchbook ornament frozen 2frozen 2 elsa singing sketchbook ornamentfrozen 2 olaf glass globe sketchbook ornament

Set for creativity Frozen 2

Your little artist with this set of Frozen can create many masterpieces. A metal case includes: markers, colored pencils, stickers, cliches, a ruler, a notebook, an eraser, and a sharpener. The case itself with a carrying handle, which depicts the characters of Frozen 2.

frozen 2 tin case art kit

Elsa big singing doll

The doll sings a song and says 14 phrases from the cartoon Frozen 2. The dress glows when the music is playing.

frozen 2 elsa musical doll frozen 2 elsa doll

Frozen 2 Disney Jewelry Set

Create different options for jewelry, show your imagination. The set of beads, strings, five figurines of the cartoon characters Frozen.

disney frozen 2 necklace set disney frozen 2 necklace set 1


There are different sets of LEGO for girls from 2 to 7 years.

lego duplo disney frozen 2 elsa

lego disney frozen elsa

lego disney frozen 2 elsa

Set of Anna and Elsa Frozen 2 dolls

The two main characters of the film will delight your baby and give her a fun game. Anna and Elsa in beautiful outfits and with braided hair.
anna and elsa doll setanna and elsa frozen 2 dollAnna has a shiny golden dress with a purple belt and a jacket on top. Earrings in the ears. Elsa is dressed in a shiny purple satin dress, and jewelry: necklace, belt, shoes.

Mug Olaf and Elsa Frozen 2

olaf dimensional mug

A mug for warm drinks with a sculptural image of a snowman Olaf will give you the warmth he loves so much.

There is also a mug featuring Elsa from the scene of Frozen 2.

Electric Frozen 2 machine for a little racer.

Sparkling blue-violet car with the image of snowflakes and the image of Anna and Elsa is a gorgeous gift for your baby!

A very high-quality machine, with sound effects, accelerated by pressing the pedals, rides back and forth. Large rubber wheels that allow you to ride everywhere. Maximum rider weight 27 kg (60 lbs).

frozen electric ride onfrozen electric ride on 1

Electric scooter Frozen 2

Your kid can ride Arendelle on this Frozen Electric Ride-On scooter. It depicts Anna, Elsa and Olaf in a blue ice design. The scooter is equipped with interactive lighting and sound, and it is easy to control it by pressing the pedal. Three funny melodies play, light and sound effects will create a special mood for your baby when riding. The seat is made in the form of a pillow, and the rubber wheels are passable in all areas.

Frozen electric ride on scooterFrozen electric ride on scooter 1Enjoy watching the second part of Frozen 2 and enjoy shopping with Frozen 2 toys.

Disney Frozen Action Camera

You can record videos and take up to 100 photos, the quality of which is 5 MP
You can buy and insert Micro SD
Photos and videos can be saved to flash memory.

Frozen Ice Castle Dollhouse KidKraft Disney

kidcraft elsa frozen castle
kidcraft elsa frozen castle 1

Holds all fashion dolls up to 12 “
11 pieces of furniture, including a magnificent ice throne and a chandelier
A beautiful staircase that connects the first and second floors. As many as 4 rooms of open space with a bonus playground upstairs with a balcony.
Funny drawings in a frozen style on each panel with blue windows.

Play-Doh Disney Frozen II

play doh frozen olaf
play doh frozen olaf disney

Set for creativity Frozen Play doh combines an element of an educational game, development of imagination and a game with your favorite character in the movie Frozen. The set includes toy sleds, an Olaf figure, 5 colors of Play-Doh, shtapmy.
Clap your hands, press on the head and grow hair. Attach the dies and press his head again to clap and punch Little Sven or the snowflake.
Create a snowy scene – a removable roller under the sleigh is decorated with drawings of Play-Doh Frozen snowflakes, and the shapes on the sides of the sleigh create lanterns, trees and other decorations and characters.

Disney Frozen II Pop Adventures

disney pop adventures arendelle castle
disney pop adventures arendelle castle 2
disney pop adventures arendelle castle 1

Portable Arendelle Castle Frozen 2 is a wonderful mini toy for movie fans.
The pop set turns from one floor of the palace into two.
In the set, your baby will receive a portable cold heart lock and figures of Anna and Elsa. And inside there are 9 accessories: a key to the castle, a royal throne, a piano, a chair for it, a dining table, two chairs and two beds.
After playing the royal story Frozen, all figures and accessories are kept in the castle.

Scooter frozen 2 Elsa

For an active outdoor game, a scooter will be a great gift for fans of Frozen 2.
Scooter Frozen 2 two-wheeled, with a rear brake and a scooter folds for easy storage.

disney frozen 2 scooter
disney frozen 2 scooter 1

Monopoly Game Frozen II

An excellent board game “Monopoly”, with the characters of the movie Frozen 2. This is the journey of Princesses Anna and Elsa around the Arendel.
Monopoly: Disney Frozen 2 game includes royal decrees, family chests and a snowflake token that can change a player’s luck, 6 characters: Elsa, Anna, Hans, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven.

monopoly game frozen 2
monopoly game frozen

eKids Frozen 2 Walkie Talkies for Kids

Set of 2 easy-to-use walkie-talkies: Frozen 2.
High-quality walkie-talkie without static, with an extended range and a microphone, with a simple talk button
Great for playing together: explore your world with walkie-talkies in your hands and embark on fun adventures. Encourages communication, develops teamwork, develops social skills, promotes research and discovery.
Graphics and style in the style of the movie Frozen.
Perfect gift: these walkie-talkies will be the perfect gift for your baby.
Highlighting speech and sound effects: built-in speech and sound effects, sending and receiving character phrases, or just chatting with your friend.
There is a built-in power indicator to know when it is on and off.
Share the fun with your friends: stay in touch with friends, family, and adults while outdoors.

Frozen 2 walkie talkies
Frozen 2 walkie talkies for kids

Frozen 2 Bluetooth Karaoke Machine

If you love the Frozen 2 movie and songs from it, then you need this karaoke station.
You can connect karaoke machine Frozen 2 to a computer or take it with you for a walk (it can work independently) and sing your favorite songs.
Backlight LED flash helps to make the party bright.

frozen 2 bluetooth karaoke 1
frozen 2 bluetooth karaoke

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