Frozen-2. Queen Anna and Snow Queen Elsa dolls

queen anna and snow queen elsa 1

Disney Shop in 2020 pleases fans of the cartoon Frozen -2 with the release of new dolls of Anna and Elsa.

At the end of the movie “Frozen – 2” Queen Elsa appeared in a new delightful image – a white dress with her hair loose. This image delighted all viewers. From this moment, everyone is waiting for when it will be possible to buy a doll Elsa with her hair in a white dress.

elsa white dress

And now, Queen Anne dolls and Snow Queen Elsa are already on sale.

queen anna and snow queen elsa

Anna and Elsa’s dolls from Frozen-2 are simply beautiful. Their appearance is fully consistent with the image of the queens from the film.

Elsa has a long light dress, a train, leggings and sandals. Long blond hair loose.

frozen 2 queen elsa

And Queen Anne’s dolls are no less beautiful. Very majestic image. Hair is braided in a hairstyle, on the head is a crown. Queen Anne’s dress is emerald in color, with a train and a black cape.

frozen 2 queen anna
queen anna and snow queen elsa dolls

See what excellent dolls Anna and Elsa are. A set of these dolls from “Frozen-2” will delight your baby. Develop imagination and play scenes from your favorite movie.

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Look at the price of Anna and Elsa dolls on the websites of online stores.

frozen 2 queen anna and snow queen elsa

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