Frozen-2: Queen Elsa and Queen Anna. New dolls

frozen 2 elsa doll

New dolls from the Disney “Frozen-2”.

Doll Elsa Snow Queen

Inspired by the Frozen-2 , the new Elsa doll with her hair loose from the last scene of the cartoon.

The end of the movie “Frozen-2” was remembered by all viewers in a new way to Queen Elsa. She was in a white dress, with her wavy hair loose. And, of course, everyone was waiting for the opportunity to buy an Elsa doll in this image.

We already did a review of this doll, you can read where to buy Elsa with her hair read here.

Jakks reproduced Elsa’s image in detail very accurately. A beautiful shimmering dress with shades of purple and blue with a shiny train, a pretty face, shoes – all like in the image of Elsa from the Frozen 2 movie.

disney frozen 2 elsa doll

Fans of the cartoon “Frozen – 2” will be happy to play with this doll Elsa. She can do hairstyles, play scenes from the movie. The outfit and shoes can be removed and put on again, arms and legs do not bend. Hands can be raised up and sides. Elsa’s doll size is 35 cm.

frozen elsa doll
disney frozen 2 elsa

Doll Queen Anna – Frozen 2

disney frozen anna doll queen anna

Queen Arendella, Anna, also appeared in the new chic outfit in the last scene of the Frozen2 movie.

Her golden hair is bunched. The tiara of golden green color is decorated with a symbol of crocus – Arendelle crest.

An excellent silky dress of Anna of a turquoise color, with black, gold and violet details. A cloak and belt with precious stones make the dress royal.

With this doll Anna Frozen 2, your daughter will be able to recreate favorite scenes from the movie, do hairstyles, develop imagination and have fun playing. The size of the doll is 35 cm, the legs and arms do not bend, but turn to the top and sides.

The Anna Frozen doll – 2 from Disney can be found at this link.

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