Funko Advent Calendar 2020 – [Review] Top 6 Calendars

funko advent calendar 2020

Funko POP – collection mini figurines of heroes of your favorite cartoons, movies or comics. It is distinguished by the large, in comparison with the body head, the presence of attractive details that make the figures unique and interesting to collect.

Funko POP figurines can be viewed for hours, some have a moving or rotating head, made of vinyl, which is safe for children and guarantees their durability.

If you are a fan and collector of Funko POP figures, then this article will be interesting for you. It is about Advent calendars with your favorite Funko heroes. You will learn what Advent Calendar is, what types of Advent Calendars are and will be able to choose from our list the best for you Funko Advent Calendar.

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Why buy Advent calendar?

Advent calendars become an indispensable attribute of any holiday, because the expectation of fun becomes much brighter if you unpack a new surprise every day or perform a task on a calendar.

Traditional Advent calendars are created with their own hands to prepare for the Holiday, performing fun tasks for the whole family.

But you can buy Advent calendars with gifts, surprises and sweets. Для взрослых существуют календари с косметикой и алкоголем.

At the moment on sale are many Advent calendars on any topics and with any toys.

Usually Advent calendars are designed for 25 days. That is, you need to start opening surprises for 24 or 25, sometimes 30 days before the holiday, every day.

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In this article we will talk about Advent calendars with your favorite Funko POP hero figures.

Best Funko Advent Calendars

Funko Advent Calendar: The Nightmare Before Christmas

Funko advent calendar christmas

The musical “Nightmare before Christmas” and its characters are ready to expect a holiday with you.

In The Nightmare Before Christmas calendar from Funko 24 windows, 24 figures of heroes are waiting to see you.

Every window is a surprise, so who is inside?

Figures are vinyl, height up to 2 inches.

Funko Advent Calendar: Harry Potter

funko advent calendar 2020

If you love Harry Potter and the other characters of the work, then Harry, Ron, Hermione and Hagrid join you in preparation for the holiday!

24 doors, 24 vinyl figures of favorite heroes. Start opening the doors 24 days before the Holiday and you will know which of the 24 Pocket Pops! will join your collection on the same day.

Gather a collection of figures, create a game plot with children or just decorate your interior.

Funko POP figurines from Advent Calendar differ in height depending on the character, they are up to 2 inches high. Collect all the surprises of Harry Potter from Funko Advent calendar!

funko advent calendar

Behind the doors are waiting for you:

  • favorite witches
  • wizards
  • animals
  • ghosts
  • domestic elves of the magic world
  • emotions from the surprise, because you do not know what you will get
  • and merry Christmas.

POP! Advent Calendar: Marvel 80 Years GameStop

For collectors and fans of Marvel heroes, this Advent calendar will be a great holiday gift.

Funko pop Advent Calendar Marvel

24 figures with favorite superheroes of Marvel comics. Whoever gets next is a surprise. But it will definitely be the hero of the film, a vinyl figure up to 2 inches.

Funko pop Advent Calendar 2020

Funko Advent Calendar – Harry Potter

Funko Advent calendar harry potter

If you want to create a magical mood for yourself and your child at Christmas, mini figurines Funko pop Harry Potter will help you.

You do not know what 24 figures will be waiting for you inside the doors.

But they will be cute and look like the favorite characters of Harry Potter.

Calendar inside the box is made atmospheric:

  • castle picture
  • snowy tree
  • Hagrid’s hut

The set will be a special paper strip, with which the wood and the hut is attached to the box.

Funko pop Advent calendar harry potter

Funko Advent Calendar: 13 Day Spooky Halloween Countdown

funko advent calendar

Advent calendar Funko: 13 Day Spooky Halloween Countdown – exclusively for the Halloween holiday.

For 13 days it is necessary to start opening the doors every day. And every day you will get a new Funko POP figure up to two inches tall.

Heroes of horror movies are waiting for you, for example, Shining, Nightmare on Elm Street. But Pennyweiss will be waiting for you, right!)

Funko Advent Calendar: Dragon Ball Z Pocket Pop!

If you or your child love anime series, namely Dragon Ball Z, then this Advent calendar Funko POP for you!

24 vinyl figures of the heroes of your favorite series are waiting for you inside.

Open a new hero every day and add to your collection. The height of the figures is up to 2 inches.

Funko Advent Calendar Dragon Ball Z Pocket Pop

If you already collect Funko POP figurines, like famous movies and TV series, then Advent Calendars Funko will be a great gift for you.

Children can play with figures, building for them castles and cities. With 24 heroes you can create so many stories and scenes! Or you can decorate your interior with your favorite characters.

Order the Advent Calendar in advance so that he can come to the holiday.

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