Funko – Snapsies: Series 1

funko snapsies

Funko POP – popular collectible vinyl figures of famous characters.

And now Funko has released collectible vinyl Snapsies figurines with surprises and the ability to create your own characters.

You can get the Funko Snapsies here.

18 collectible characters

Funko Snapsies series1

In the collection you will find llamas, dragons, unicorns, mermaids, dolphins and other cute animals.

Some characters have fluffy fur (llama), a scaly tail (dragon) or a metal fin (mermaid), which is a great bonus in a child’s sensory development.

Characters are divided by popularity into these:

  • Fashion
  • rare
  • ultra-rare.

The collector’s guide specifies which characters belong to which category.

Funko Snapsies figures are 2.5 inches (6.3 cm) tall.

The animals and accessories are hidden in a surprise package.

Unpack the Snapsies balloon and you will get:

Funko Snapsies series1 unboxing
  1. collector’s guide
  2. stickers
  3. instruction
  4. surprise package

Open the surprise package, which will be accessories and surprise package with the character and many more accessories: hats, necklaces, hair, butterflies, glasses, and more. Head accessories are attached in a special hole for each character.

Mix and match – create a new Snapsies character

funko snapsies mix mutch

The Snapsies ball has many accessories for all sorts of animal combinations. Create animals, hybrids (llama + hedgehog), dragons (dragon + dolphin) or (goat + unicorn) from several characters, different styles and moods for them.

Funko Snapsies mix match

The only disadvantage of the Funko Snapsies toy is that some accessories are not easily attached to the animal’s body.

Build a collection of Funko Snapsies and create an entire zoo of animals for more fun!

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