Hairdorables Pets

hairdorables pets

hairdorables pets

The company Just Play has released the sale of pets with hairstyles.

Let’s see what kind of toy it is.

There are 12 pets in the first series , and since there will be two series, there are 24 of them in the collection.

Like the Hairdorables dolls, surprise pets hide under a lock in a box with windows. There are eight surprises in the box, namely:

  • 2 accessories (headwear or jewelry and favorite thing);
  • 2 stickers;
  • collector’s sheet;
  • pedigree;
  • brush / comb;
  • pet

hairdorables pets

Let’s take a closer look at each pet:

Picasso – cat

Best friend – Sallee

Favorite thing – a ball of yarn.

Accessory – kepi.

Melody – the lion cub

Best friend – Harmony

Favorite thing – mouth organ ???

Accessory – the crown.

Lemon – puppy

Best friend – Noah

Favorite thing – striped ball.

Accessory – cap.

Journey – a poodle

Best friend – Skylar

Favorite thing – slippers for the hotel.

Accessory – bow.

Harlow – pony

The best friend is Brit.

Favorite thing – any sporting event.

Accessory – horseshoe.

Gemma – the unicorn

Best friend – Willow

Favorite thing – rainbow shiny ball.

Accessory – decoration hairpin.

Comet – a cat

The best friend is Neila.

Favorite thing – a laser pointer.

Accessory – hairpin bow.

Zip – llama

The best friend is Kali.

Favorite thing – roller coaster.

Accessory – decoration tiara.

Tango – cat

The best friend is Bella.

Favorite thing – a toy mouse.

Accessory – bezel bow and halo.

Taffy – rabbit

Dee Dee is the best friend.

Favorite thing – to play the classics.

Accessory – bezel.

Sahara – horse

Best friend – Rayne.

Favorite thing – rubber boots from the rain.

Accessory – rainbow hairpin.

Piper – puppy

The best friend is Kat.

Favorite thing – frisbee.

Accessory – cap.

Do you like pets with such gorgeous bright hairstyles? Collect them all!

hairdorables pets doll

  1. I love hairdorables I have four pet hairdorables these are the four hairdorables I have lemon, Harlow, taffy, and piper. For my haidorable people, I only have dee dee and kat. So today maybe me my dad, mom, and, my sister might go to Walmart and I will buy two hairdorables people. So I am glad that you made up a wonderful toy. I have an idea about making a whole collection of BOY HAIRDORABLES and BOY PET HAIRDORABLES.tank you for being so kind and making a great toy for anyone who wants to play with it. love Ryleigh Angelo

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