Hairdorables Scented- New Dolls

hairdorables scented series

The fourth series of Hairdorables dolls surprises us with new scents dolls. Now these big-haired girls smell of: fresh flower, yummy treats and sunshine scents.

New Dolls Hairdorables Scented

This is a new packaging, scented dolls and three new characters – featuring Phoebe, Garden Saige and So Extra Emily and 11 surprises inside.

hairdorables-scented-new-dolls min

The packaging of Hairdorables dolls is now reusable, looks like a bag with a picture of a girl with a handle, in the form of a pigtail. There are two types of packaging – the Hairdorables girl with blue and the girl with purple hair. The doll from the packaging can also be dressed up. For her outfit you will find inside the package.

Open the Hairdorables Scented package and catch four surprise sachets. And also a stand, a closed doll and a collector’s sheet. Inside the package is a sketch for a fun game.

In the fourth series of Hairdorables dolls, 39 dolls await you. They are divided into three categories: Carnival Cuties, Garden Party, Splash Sensation.

hairdorables scented 7
hairdorables scented 4
hairdorables scented 6

In addition to the new three dolls, in the Hairdorables Scented series you will find old dolls in new images. Several images of each doll. Therefore, there are 39 of them in this series.

hairdorables scented doll
hairdorables scented dolls
hairdorables scented dolls 1

In one of the bags you will find a sticker with a girl that you come across and her bottle (or another accessory). In the second bag there will be the second part of the stand for the Hairdorables doll, a handbag (another accessory) and a dress-sticker for the girl from the package. In the third surprise bag you will find a comb with the name of the girl and shoes for her. In the largest package you will find a Hairdorables doll. She is already in the outfit, with the decoration of her hair and on her face, not a smile, as in the previous series, but a kiss. In the last surprise bag you will find another sticker with a doll in a different image and an accessory to it. The entire Hairdorables doll smells of aroma. And your whole room will also smell good.

There are 11 surprises waiting for you In Hairdorables Scented:

  • doll Hairdorables Scented
  • collector sheet
  • three stickers
  • three doll accessories
  • scene
  • shoes
  • hairbrush

See photos of Hairdorables Scented dolls – there are three new dolls and three from series 1.

hairdorables scented series dolls

Hairdorables Scented – delightful dolls with long hair, bright hairstyles, fashion accessories and beautiful outfits – this is a wonderful gift for a girl.

Collect all the dolls for more fun and incredible flavor in your room!

Below are photos of Hairdorables Scented dolls. Look and write your favorite in the comments!


hairdorables scented series skylar

Dee Dee

hairdorables scented series dee dee


hairdorables scented series kali
hairdorables scented kali 1


hairdorables scented series cat


hairdorables scented series harmony


hairdorables scented neila


hairdorables scented saige


hairdorables scented Rayne


hairdorables scented bella 1
hairdorables scented bella


hairdorables scented emily




hairdorables scented phoebe



hairdorables scented 8
hairdorables scented 9

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