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Hairdorables Dolls – who are they?


We present you new surprise dolls that are planning to conquer the world on a par with L.O.L. Surprise. Will they succeed? Time will tell, but let us show in more detail for now, what kind of collection it is.

Hairdorables (Charming hair) – dolls have not only long hair, but also the long name. The main thing is that girls will cope with memorization.

Like LOL dolls, Hairdorables are surprise dolls with several unpacking steps. You can also collect them and find a doll that more liked from the collection.

On the box indicated that only 36 dolls are very rare. But in fact there are 12 dolls, just every doll have got three different images.

Images of dolls are very modern and trendy. Every doll has its own history and hobby. Noah, for example, a blogger. she shoots videos, including with her friends and puts them on YOUTUBE.

The dolls went on sale in August 2018 at a price of 42$, you can order on the sites WALMART, TARGET, AMAZON.

Hairdorables poster

Unlike LOL dolls, HAIRDORABLES are packed in a cardboard box, which is a doll room subsequently. The manufacturer recommends in the prescribed sequence to reveal surprises. The boxes are numbered.

hairdorables box

The doll opens by last, you can wear it and start to play.

On the one hand, a large package may to seem a drawback of these dolls, but on the other hand, less waste, since you don’t have to throw it out further, you can use it as a stage for a game.

Here is the unpacked doll Noah.

hairdorables noah in box

Definitely, Hairdorables has all chance to win love of fashion girls. They have got very high quality, and they are bright and fashionable! On our site you can get more familiar with each of them.

You can get acquainted with all the dolls and their images. What is your favorite?

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Hairdorables Pets
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