Halloween Advent Calendar – Overview

funko advent calendar

In the grey cold days of autumn, you want to get positive emotions from the holiday and have the opportunity to wear bright clothes.

One of the famous autumn holidays is Halloween.

This holiday is most popular in the USA, UK and France. Halloween is first and foremost a carnival. People dress up in the most daring outfits and create the most vivid images. Also, the pumpkin is shining everywhere and the houses are decorated with appropriate accessories.

In Halloween it is customary to treat with sweets and give them themed souvenirs.

Since Halloween calendars are prepared in advance and are waiting for this holiday, Advent Calendars for Halloween have become popular.

We offer you the most popular and interesting Advent calendars.

Funko Advent Calendar: 13 – Day Spooky Countdown

13 days before the creepiest Halloween holiday, open the Advent calendar Funko Spooky Countdown.

funko advent calendar 13 day spooky

13 heroes of your favorite horror movies will give you a creepy mood for the holiday!

funko advent calendar 13 day

Another very popular Advent calendar Funko Pop with thecharacters of the movie Harry Potter, I recommend you to get acquainted with Christmas.

OurWarm Halloween Advent Calendar 2020

Halloween Advent Calendar 2020

This cotton calendar will help you count down the days to Halloween. Simply move the black bat to the number of months or put the ghost in the corresponding pocket.

Halloween Advent Calendar 2020 our warm

This calendar is designed for 30 days with pockets, bat and ghost. In your pocket you can add hints and tasks for the next day.

This Halloween Advent Calendar, in addition to the calendar function, will be an excellent decoration of the walls of your home for the holiday.

C L COOPER LIFE Halloween Advent Calendar

Halloween Advent Calendar

30 days before Halloween, start this calendar and waiting for the holiday will be fun.

With Advent Calendar you will get every day a new decoration: a ghost, pumpkin, owl, spider, bat, cat, crosses, skull, etc.

This calendar is made of felt with figures of different colors.

Every day you will get the mood for the Holiday.

Halloween Advent Calendar cooper life

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