Halloween Celebration Product Pack

Every year, October 31 is celebrated Halloween – All Saints Day. On this holiday, children and adults dress up in costumes of witches, ghosts, as well as heroes of their favorite films and cartoons.

The symbol of this holiday is the pumpkin lamp, therefore pumpkin costumes are also popular in Halloween. Children go home and require sweets.

We thought it would be interesting to you what costumes, accessories and gifts you can buy to celebrate Halloween.

1. Pumpkin-shaped sweet bag.

It is sewn of felt, the face is depicted on transparent vinyl, glows in the dark.

Minnie Mouse Trick or Treat Bag 1

Minnie Mouse Trick or Treat Bag 2 Minnie Mouse Trick or Treat Bag 3

2. Disney glowing fairy wings and fairy shoes


3.  Snow globe mini decoration Ugi Boogie.

snowglobe ornament oogie boogie

  • Ugi’s sculpted face in a mini snow ball
  • Shake to see the shine
  • Satin ribbon for hanging

4. dress for women sally

sally costume dress women

Sally Ear Hoop

sally ear headband

5. Mickey Mouse Necklace with 6 Luminous Modes

mickey mouse halloween glow necklace mickey mouse halloween glow necklace 1

6. minnie mouse plush cat.

Take Minnie with you to Halloween, she is in a cat costume.

minnie mouse plush halloween minnie mouse plush halloween 1

7. Mickey and Mini Halloween Advent Calendar

You can count down the days until Halloween with this brilliant sculptural decoration featuring the vampire Mickey, witches Minnie and Figaro, who are dressed in carnival costumes. Waiting for the holiday with them will be much more fun.

mickey minnie mouse halloween countdown calendar 1 mickey minnie mouse halloween calendar

8. Rapunzel sizzling frying pan

  • Frying pan-toy with the image of Pascal on the handle
  • Press the button on the handle to hear a ringing and hissing sound.

rapunzel frying pan with sizzling sounds

9. Minnie Mouse Ears – Bezel

minnie mouse dia de los muertos ear headband

10. Headpiece Malificent

maleficent headdress sleaping beauty

11. Dice game “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

usaopoly yahtzee the nightmare before christmas

12. Mickey Mouse Candy Bag

Glows in three colors. The inscription “trick or treat”

Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Halloween Bag Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Halloween Bag 1 Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Halloween Bag 2

13. Hot Mug Mug – Mickey Mouse

disney mickey mouse cauldron mug disney mickey mouse cauldron mug 1 disney mickey mouse cauldron mug 2

14. Buzz Lightyear Light-Up Helmet 

buzz lightyear helmet min

15. Buzz Lightyear Glow-in-the-Dark Blaster

buzz lightyear blaster min

More Halloweens costumes and toys you can see here.

If you are interested in Halloween costumes, read about them here. 

  1. Happy Halloween 2019. Hope this year will be great for Halloween celebration.

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