Halloween – costumes and style for children in 2019

maleficent costume for kids

First, I would like to consecrate the concept of Halloween. Halloween is celebrated every year by the countries of Western Europe and America on October 31. Also, this holiday is celebrated in some other countries, for example, in Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand, as well as in several island countries of Oceania. Halloween dates back to the 10th century, and the name comes from the Old Irish word “Samhain” – “end of summer.” Of course, the most famous symbol of Halloween is a pumpkin lamp, which cuts out the contents and depicts an ominous grimace. And inside is a candle. The second important attribute of the holiday of all saints is a costume – often these are costumes of heroes of horror films, autumn, and orange and black have become the traditional colors. Recently, Halloween costumes have evolved and it has become normal to dress in the images of any famous characters – cartoons, fairy tales, films, popular dolls, pop stars. And the holiday itself turns into a show and a masquerade holiday. Large shopping centers, restaurants use the Halloween holiday as an occasion and theme of attracting new visitors and guests. A celebration is being prepared, a show program, treats for adults and children. No matter how you relate to this holiday, the surrounding events will force you to buy a costume for yourself and your child and succumb to the general festive mood of the masquerade. And to make Halloween photos pleasing to you, buy really bright and beautiful outfits and makeup. Below we describe the most popular characters for boys, girls and parents who will surprise others and please you. Top Halloween outfits for girls and boys: To find out the price and where to buy, click (click) on the photo of the costume you like.

  1. For the smallest fans to dress up, bodysuits and suits depicting fruits, vegetables, animals or insects are suitable

Halloween Costume Baby 1 Halloween Costume Baby 2 Halloween Costume Baby Carter's Halloween Costume Baby Carter's 1 Halloween Costume Baby 2. For girls from 4 years to 10, such popular Halloween costumes are suitable:

queen bee costume

lol surprise costume diva

lol surprise costume frozen costume halloween



Jasmine Costume

jasmine costume for kids 1

Pocahontas Costume for kids

pocahontas costume for kids

Maleficent costume for kids

maleficent costume for kids

witch costume halloween unicorn costume halloween Melissa & Doug Doctor Costume halloween ladybug costume halloween trolls costume halloween

Disney Mikey Mouse Pajama 

disney halloween pajama disney halloween pajama 1

Bo Peep Costume

disney bo peep costume

Halloween Costume mermaid set Halloween Costume mermaid 3. Halloween Costumes for Boys:astronaut nasa pilot costume batmen costume halloween buzzliter costume halloween costume boy inflatable dinosaur halloween costume clown costume robin costume halloween trex costume halloween

role costume

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