nanana surprise pom slap bandsHOT TOYS
Na!Na!Na! Surprise Pom Plush Slap
NaNaNa Surprise dolls from MGAE are a favorite of doll collectors. Cute soft dolls in plush purses are released in four series and different sizes.
rainbow high winter break dollsHOT TOYS
Rainbow High Winter Break dolls 2021
At the end of summer 2021 you will be able to buy the winter collection of Rainbow High Winter Break dolls.The six dolls you already know will appear in
Raya and the Last Dragon disneyHOT TOYS
Raya and the Last Dragon – Dolls and Toys for fans!
If you haven’t seen Raya and the Last Dragon – watch it with the whole family right away! And then you’ll want to buy toys of the main
spirit untamed dreamworksHOT TOYS
Spirit Untamed – Mattel Dolls based on the cartoon 2021
Mattel was licensed to produce dolls based on the Spirit Untamed series and movie. Spirit Untamed will start rolling on June 04, 2021 and I’
egg mazzing bunnyHOT TOYS
Toys and gifts for Easter 2021
In 2021, Easter is celebrated by Eastern Rite Christians on May 2 and by Western Rite Christians on April 4. So, it’s time to get ready to celebrate!
kindi kids minis 6 dollsHOT TOYS
Kindi Kids Minis – Dolls Review
Who are the Kindi Kids dolls? Dolls with shiny big eyes, real hair with bright hair and shaking head – won the hearts of girls. Kindi Kids dolls
Kindi kids fun time dollsHOT TOYS
Kindi Kids dolls are cute dolls with turning heads! Characters 2021
Kindi Kids dolls are the best friends of girls who are not yet in school. Although suitable for older children! There is an official Kindi Kids series
funko snapsiesHOT TOYS
Funko – Snapsies: Series 1
Funko POP – popular collectible vinyl figures of famous characters. And now Funko has released collectible vinyl Snapsies figurines with surprises
car for nanana dollsHOT TOYS
Na! Na! Na! Surprise! Plush Convertible for Dolls
Popular MGAE dolls – NaNaNa Surprise now with a car! For a fun variety of play with dolls, you need play sets, accessories and a doll car.
Valentine’s Edition Rainbow High Kia HartHOT TOYS
Rainbow High Kia Hart – Exclusive Special Valentine’s Edition fashion doll
MGAE knows how to make super fashionable dolls.Rainbow High dollsare very popular among girls. For Valentine’s Day you can buy an exclusive doll
rainbow surprise high fashion dollsHOT TOYS
NEW Rainbow High dolls – Amaya Raine, Bella Parker, Karma Nichols, River Kendall, Fuchsia, Indigo
New super popular Rainbow High dolls – 6 new looks! Ultra-bright fashion dolls with long hair, eyelashes and modern outfits! You’
nanana surprise teensHOT TOYS
Na Na Na Surprise Teens – new fashion dolls
Take a look at the fancy new Na!Na!Na! Surprise – Teenagers! This is now a collection of tall dolls, 11 inches tall (28 cm) Now the new fancy NaNaNa
Rainbow High Cheerleader DollsHOT TOYS
Rainbow High Cheerleader Dolls
The beloved Rainbow High dolls collection is now in a new style: the school cheerleading squad! Who are the Rainbow High dolls? MGAE fashion dolls are
best dolls 2020HOT TOYS
The best dolls of 2020!
At the end of the year, let’s take a look back at what dolls were released in 2020 and which ones were the most popular! Let’
Hatchimals Pixies RidersHOT TOYS
Hatchimals Pixies Riders – Favorite Pixies Dolls!
Hatchimals are the famous surprise doll figures! The peculiarity of their unpacking is the removal of the egg shell. This process is very fun and interesting.
barbie extra dollsHOT TOYS
Barbie Extra Dolls – new series fashion dolls
Get to know the new Barbie Extra dolls combined with fashionable outfits, accessories and pets. Who are the Barbie Extra? The company Mattel follows the
Cave Club dolls reviewHOT TOYS
Cave Club – Prehistoric Mattel dolls. review
Children of preschool and primary school age are already interested in dinosaurs and ancient civilizations. Be sure to read and watch videos with your
Christmas Present for girls ideas 2020
The most magical holiday of the year is coming! Letters to Santa Claus have already been written, Christmas discounts are starting. It is time to prepare gifts!
Rainbow High Fashion Studio packageHOT TOYS
Rainbow High Fashion Studio
Rainbow High dolls – definitely a hit of 2020! If you are not yet familiar with them, visit our article review of beauty from the company MGAE.
Na Na Na Surprise sparkle seriesHOT TOYS
Na!Na!Na! Surprise Sparkle Series – 2-in-1
Meet the new series of famous dolls – Na Na Na Surprise! Sparkle series. The first series of dolls of surprises Na! Na! Na! Surprise!
Itty Bitty PrettysHOT TOYS
New surprise toy Itty Bitty Prettys – Review
Zuru company is known in the toy market for such popular live pets as PETS ALIVE, surprise toys – Rainbocorns, 5 Surprises zuru and others.
NaNaNa Surprise Ultimate Surprise confettiHOT TOYS
Na! Na! Na! Surprise Ultimate Surprise – Doll’s review
Now it is not enough just to buy a doll, we want to get a pleasant experience from the unpacking itself. MGAE made sure that when we bought the toy we
prepearing christmas 2021HOT TOYS
How to prepare for Christmas 2021 without stress?
How to prepare for Christmas and New Year to feel the mood of magic and joy? After all, Christmas and New Year is the most coveted holiday of all children
fisher price little people advent calendarHOT TOYS
Little People Advent Calendar – Review
Каждую зиму дети всего мира очень ждут волшебный праздник – Рождество! Already at the beginning of December the preparation and bustle with gifts
melissa doug advent calendar 2020HOT TOYS
Advent calendar Melissa&Doug – Review
Why do I need an Advent calendar? Children of pre-school and primary school age do not know the time and dates well. But all children are looking forward
funko advent calendar 2020HOT TOYS
Funko Advent Calendar 2020 – [Review] Top 6 Calendars
Funko POP – collection mini figurines of heroes of your favorite cartoons, movies or comics. It is distinguished by the large, in comparison with
rainbow high fashion dollsHOT TOYS
Rainbow High dolls – Collect the Rainbow!
In 2020 MGAE company produces a lot of new fashion dolls, except for LOL Surprise and Na!Na!Na Surprise dolls. In this post we are talking about Rainbow
funko advent calendarHOT TOYS
Halloween Advent Calendar – Overview
In the grey cold days of autumn, you want to get positive emotions from the holiday and have the opportunity to wear bright clothes. One of the famous
nanana surprise dolls 4HOT TOYS
Na Na Na Surprise Dolls – Series 4
Na Na Na Surprise! dolls From MGA company girls like for interesting unpacking, surprises and cute fashion images of dolls. Each series of Na Na Na Surprise dolls –
melissam & doug jennaHOT TOYS
Best baby dolls – TOP 13
The mission of toys is to teach the child something and contribute to his development. During the game with a navel baby learns to care for him, shows
new toys mgaeHOT TOYS
Review of new toys from MGA Entertainment
The company MGA Entertainment is increasingly winning the world of toys. LOL Surprise dolls and other company toys are becoming the most popular and receiveannual
NaNaNa Surprise Backpack bedroom closetHOT TOYS
Na! Na! Na! Surprise 3-in-1 Backpack Bedroom Playset – Review
Introducing the new product MGA Entertainment. What is Na! Na! Na! Surprise 3-in-1 Backpack Bedroom Na! Na! Na! Surprise 3-in-1 Backpack Bedroom is a gaming doll bedroom.
best unicorn toysHOT TOYS
Top 13 Unicorn Toys
Every girl is a little princess. And who are the princesses friends with? That’s right, unicorns! Therefore, toy manufacturers are actively developing
NaNaNa Surprise series 3 dollsHOT TOYS
Na! Na! Na! Surprise – series 3 Review
NaNaNa Surprise are quite popular dolls in the world of toys. The first two series of these dolls are still being bought. On our site there are reviews
zuru bunch o balloons amazonHOT TOYS
Outdoors toys and active games in summer – Top 10
In the summer of 2020 everyone wants to have a rest and spend time actively. However, not everyone can fly to the beach this summer. Children in summer
frozen 2 elsa dollHOT TOYS
Frozen-2: Queen Elsa and Queen Anna. New dolls
New dolls from the Disney “Frozen-2”. Doll Elsa Snow Queen Inspired by the Frozen-2 , the new Elsa doll with her hair loose from the last scene