Introducing Blume Dolls

blume doll 4

The most anticipated novelty in the toy world is doll surprises growing from a flowerpot. On sale are expected in the summer of 2019. Announced the first series consisting of 22 dolls.blume doll

blume doll 4blume doll 1 blume doll 2

Blume dolls are different from other surprise dolls by their appearance to a child. No need to unpack the layers with surprises or windows in the boxes. Everything is much more interesting here. It is necessary to water a flower pot with a “grain” with a few droplets of water from a watering can that comes with it. The result is not long in coming. After a few seconds, unusual doll hair will appear. It can be crystals, ice cream, colored waves, a rainbow.

blume dolls

Then the child can reach the doll, and the pot opens and turns into a dollhouse. Each doll comes with unique accessories: a treat, a pet, an outfit, a handbag and a sticker. The pupae are divided into: “charming”, “rare”, “super rare” and “mystical”.


blume doll


blume doll 1

Super rare:

blume doll 2


blume doll 3

A child is waiting for 10 surprises:

blume doll surprise

Below is a photo of all 22 Blume dolls

blume dolls 5 blume dolls 4 blume dolls 3 blume dolls 2 blume dolls 1

By collecting the entire collection of dolls, you can come up with many different scenes for playing with Blume dolls and their houses. You can change them, change outfits between dolls. Nowadays dolls are very popular surprises (L.O.L. Surprise! Hairdorables, Baby born), which you can collect and chase after your favorite, rarest doll. Blume Doll can compete with these dolls. And what do you think?

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