Kindi Kids dolls are cute dolls with turning heads! Characters 2021

Kindi kids fun time dolls HOT TOYS

Kindi Kids dolls are the best friends of girls who are not yet in school. Although suitable for older children!

There is an official Kindi Kids series on Youtube with all the characters. You can buy your favorite doll and act out scenes to play with.

The first Kindi Kids dolls were four sweet little girls:

  • Marsha Mello
  • Peppa-Mint
  • Jessicake
  • Donatina
kindi kids dolls

Kindi Kids shakes its head

A distinctive feature of the dolls is that they shake their heads. This makes them more real, so it’s even more fun to play!

Each doll has shiny eyes, moving arms, and two delicious treats included.

Cute outfits and accessories, bright hair with which you can do different hairstyles!

Cute and Cute Characters 2021

In 2021, you can buy a ballerina, a doctor, and many other interesting characters, to suit your child’s taste.

New Kindi Kids dolls 2021:

Kindi Kids Bella Bow

kindi kids bella bow doll
  • With the doll two accessories: a cup that fits in your hands and a kettle Shopkin
  • The kettle really pours the tea
  • If you pick up the doll, it comes to life – the head swings
  • The outfit and shoes are removable – Kindi Kids dolls can be dressed up
  • Build a collection of Kindi Kids dolls and accessories
kindi kids bella bow

Kindi Kids Summer Peaches

kindi kids Summer Peaches box

This Kindi Kids doll will bring the summer mood as a peach.

She is holding an ice cream and peach smoothie, with ice cubes moving around inside.

kindi kids Summer Peaches

Reissued Kindi Kids Marsha Mello Bunny

Now complete with a second outfit.

Cute Marsha Mello doll – Kindi Kids – with bunny ears in a delicate coloring will be the best friend for your daughter.

There are no sweets included with this doll.

kindi kids marsha mello bunny

Kindi Kids Donatina Princess

Cute princess Kindi Kids with an interchangeable outfit will delight your little girl and make playing more fun!

kindi kids donatina princess

Kindi Kids dolls have sparkling eyes, moving heads, and cute outfits!

The dolls are 10 inches tall (25, 4cm) and are slightly smaller than Baby Born dolls.

Kindi Kids Rainbow Kate

kindi kids rainbow kate
  • bright sparkling eyes
  • rainbow outfit (it can be removed)
  • bow-tie shoes
  • purple hair with rainbow curls
  • Berry smoothie and muffin
  • the head swings when the head moves.

Put together a collection of Kindi kids Snack Time dolls for more fun.

Two Kindi Kids Doctor Dolls

Kindi Kids Shiver ‘N’ Shake Rainbow Kate

kindi kids rainbow kate
  • This is an interactive Kindi Kids doll with over 40 phrases and sounds.
  • She’s fun to play with because the Kindi Kids Shiver ‘N’ Shake Rainbow Kate is just like the real thing – shakes her head, real hair for lots of hairstyles and sparkly eyes.
  • The interactive stethoscope: Place it on the Kindi Kids Shiver ‘N’ Shake Rainbow Kate’s chest to hear the heartbeat or on the belly to hear it rumble.
  • If the Kindi Kids doll is shivering, take her temperature with the thermometer included with the doll.
  • The doll comes with vitamins and a spoon. Cure your doll with them.
  • Wrap the Kindi Kids Shiver ‘N’ Shake Rainbow Kate in a healing blanket and hear the phrase that your doll is feeling much better!

Kindi Kids Dr Cindy Pops

kindi kids dr cindy pops

This Kindi Kids doll is $8 cheaper, but it’s also not as interactive.

Kindi Kids Dr. Cindy Pops doll, complete with stethoscope, can listen to your heartbeat and wheezing when inserted in your ears.

The lollipop fits in the doll’s hand, and the kit also comes with band-aids.

The head swings, clothes and shoes in a doll Kindi Kids removable.

Kindi Kids Hospital Corner – Unicorn Ambulance

If you already have a KIndi Kids doll and you want to play doctor, you can buy an ambulance for dolls.

kindi kids hospital corner unicorn ambulance

Put your doll on the car and drive to the patient.

The ambulance unfolds and appears: bed, X-ray machine, table, blood pressure gauge, cardiogram, glass with medicine, cast.

kindi kids unicorn ambulance

Bag with a Kindi Kids Doctor Kit

Kindi Kids Doctor Bag

This cute pink unicorn Kindi Kids purse contains everything you need to transform into a doctor:

  • stethoscope
  • syringe
  • scissors
  • thermometer
  • pouch for convenient storage of accessories
  • bandage
  • Band-aids.

Kindi Kids pets

Meet Kindi Kids’ cute, interactive pets!

  • Kindi Kids Show ‘n’ Tell Pets eat and drink for real
  • pat me on the head so the Kindi Kids pet goes to sleep.
  • Each pet comes with a toy and accessory.
  • The Kindi Kids Show ‘n’ Tell Pets collection has 4 pets, collect them all for a fun game!
  • The size of the pets is 4 inches to 10 cm.

Kindi Kids Show N Tell Pets – Pupkin The Puppy

kindi kids pupkin the puppy

Cute pink puppy with a donut toy. Feed him a donut and watch his eyes close.

Kindi Kids Show N Tell Pets – Caterina The Kitten

caterina the kitten

Pussy comes complete with a comb.

Scratch her head and see how she reacts – closes and opens her eyes.

Kindi Kids Show N Tell Pets – Marlo The Bunny

kindi kids marlo the bunny

Cute bunny moves his ears and blinks his eyes when you give him a milkshake to drink.

Kindi Kids Teah The Koala

teah the koala kindi kids pets

Get your koala drunk on tea and see how she reacts!

The material of the Kindi Kids pets is plastic covered with fine fleece. The only disadvantage from buyers: the pet gets dirty too quickly, you have to be careful with them and clean them with a brush.

But the price of the Kindi Kids pet is also not high – $10 (on Amazon).

As you can see, Kindi Kids dolls, play sets and pets are a whole collection for even more fun play for your child!

In the next article, you will learn about Kindi Kids Minis dolls.

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