Kindi Kids Minis – Dolls Review

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Who are the Kindi Kids dolls?

Dolls with shiny big eyes, real hair with bright hair and shaking head – won the hearts of girls. Kindi Kids dolls are very cute and bright, he will become a true friend of your child.

Kindi Kids dolls series

The first series of Kindi Kids dolls became the Kindi Kids Snack Time dolls.

Kindi kids dolls names:

  • Kindi Kids Donatina
  • Kindi Kids Jessicake
  • Kindi Kids Peppa-Mint
  • Kindi Kids Marsha Mello
  • Summer Peaches

Kindi Kids Dress Up

This series has dolls with two outfits that can be mixed and matched:

  • Donatina Princess
  • Marsha Mello

Kindi Kids Fun Time Friends:

  • Bella Bow with a cup of tea
  • Mystabella artist
  • Cindy Pops doctor
  • Rainbow Kate docktor
  • Pirouetta ballerina

Who are the Kindi Kids Minis?

Kindi Kids Minis - Dolls Review
Kindi Kids Minis package

Kindi Kids Mini Dolls are mini versions of your favorite dolls.

They are four inches (10 centimeters) tall. Their eyes are as shiny as the tall dolls, bright hairstyles as the tall dolls.

Kindi Kids Minis - Dolls Review

Dolls can be seated, perfect as a toy for the road, thanks to the size.

Kindi Kids Minis Characters

Marsha Mello

kindi kids minis marsha

Rainbow Kate

kindi kids minis bobble

Summer Peaches

kindi kids Summer Peaches

Cindy Pops

kindi kids Cindy Pops


kindi kids Pirouetta

Lippy Lou

Kindi Kids Minis Lippy Lulu

Gather your entire Kindi Kids Minis collection of dolls and take them all with you for fun.

As with large dolls, there are play sets for Kindi Kids Minis – vehicles complete with a doll.

Kindi Kids Minis - Dolls Review

Kindi Kids Minis – Rainbow Kate’s Airplane

kindi kids minis aeroplane

Place the Kindi Kids Minis Rainbow Kate doll in your airplane, push it to go and you’ll see the doll’s head shake.

Kindi Kids Minis – Donatina’s Car

Kindi Kids Minis Donatina's Car

Put Donatina in her Donut Car, push the car and see how the doll’s head swings.

Kindi Kids Minis – Lippy Lulu’s Scooter

Kindi Kids Minis Lippy Lulu's Scooter

Kindi Kids Minis – Rainbow Besties – 3 Pack Collectible Bobble

kindi kids minis 3 pack dolls

Three exclusive Kindi Kids Minis can be purchased at once – the perfect gift for any girl from three to seven years old!

Kindi Kids Minis - Dolls Review

Collect the entire collection of Kindi Kids Minis and their vehicles for fun play.

kindi kids minis check list

They are very handy for travel – fits in a pocket or child’s backpack!


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