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Barbie Mermaid Enchantress Doll

barbie mermaid enchantress 4

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Barbie® Signature in 2018 presented the enchanting Muse ™ series of dolls – these are fantastic design dolls by Bill Greening. Goddess ™ Barbie® unicorn seemed an inaccessible pattern, but designer Amy Lee accepted the challenge and created this beautiful mermaid.

Sparkly fish scales in soft coral and sea shades cover the tail of a mermaid Barbie Mermaid doll, creating a shimmering effect from all sides. Accessories inspired by ocean treasures include coral-accented headwear, basques and earrings. The lush, mother-of-pearl hair of the Barbie® doll is decorated with pastel pink and blue highlights and delicate woven details. This Barbie® collectible doll is fully combined with the Barbie Unicorn doll – Unicorn Barbie.

barbie mermaid enchantress 4 barbie mermaid enchantress 3 barbie mermaid enchantress 1 barbie mermaid enchantress

This is a collectible, elegant doll. 

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