New! Poopsie Rainbow Surprise make slime

poopsie surprise make slime

New dolls from MGA Entertainment – Poopsie Rainbow Surprise!

The collection of 4 cute dolls with bright beautiful hair and 20 surprises.

On sale at the beginning of autumn 2019.

There are 4 dolls in the collection:

rainbow surprise make slime

In total there will be two options for boxes – rainbow and pink, and each can get one of the dolls.

The main feature of the dolls will be that your baby can make outfits diverse and unique.

In the shoes and clothes there are transparent parts where the smiley that you created fits and, thereby, adorns the doll of Poopsie Surprise.

Height of dolls is 35 cm.

In each box Pupsy Rainbow surprise – 20 surprises:

  • doll
  • outfit
  • accessories – handbag
  • bottle
  • 4 bags of mucus powder (rainbow surprise)
  • 2 magic bags (rainbow magic)
  • 3 shimmer bags (rainbow shimmer)
  • 1 sachet of glitter
  • 1 bag with highlighter.

Pixie Rose

poopsie rainbow surprise make slime doll 1

Blue Skye

rainbow surprise make slime doll

Amethyst Rae

poopsie rainbow surprise make slime

Rainbow Dream

poopsie rainbow surprise make slime doll
poopsie rainbow surprise

  1. Denise jackson says:

    The problem is you buy one and don’t know which one you are getting so you could get 2 of the same doll which for the price is ridiculous don’t mind paying the price if I knew what I was getting we got blue sky and pixie rose and if I order two more I could get the same two it says either or

  2. Dana M Prather says:

    We got one yesterday for our daughter and the material of the clothing is so thin it ripped. The bottom of the skirt split when she was putting the slime in. And then when she took the jacket off the arm split in half. So be very very very gentle

  3. Dana M Prather says:

    Bought this doll for our daughter and same-day the clothing ripped. Material is too thin

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