L.O.L Surprise! series 5

L.O.L. Bubbly Surprise

LOL Bubbly Surprise

MGA Entertainment delights fans again of L.O.L. Surprise new product – Bubbly Surprise.

LOL Bubbly Surprise

Bubbly Surprise is a suitcase of two colors – gold and pink.

LOL Bubbly Surprise case

Having opened a pink small suitcase, we сan see the information sheet in the shape of a heart, on which is depicted a doll with a pet, located inside. Then we can see six balls, and in the center is a big heart – a pop.

LOL Bubbly Surprise

LOL Bubbly Surprise

Each ball keeps a kinetic sand of blue or pink color, in which outfits are hidden:

  • blue skirt
  • blouse in white striped like sailors
  • white-blue swimsuit in pink striped
  • silver dress little mermaid

and accessories:

  • hoop – hat
  • bottle
  • black shoes with a blue pampon

LOL Bubbly Surprise

Unpacking them, you can move on to the most interesting thing – an effervescent heart. It needs to be dipped in water, the pop starts to foam and dissolve. And we will see a plastic pink heart, inside which is hidden the pupa and pet. A doll with shiny hair, gathered in two buns. This is Sailor Q.T. and Sailor Puppy.

In cold water, the doll and puppy change color.

Golden (orange ball) includes all the same as pink.

LOL Bubbly Surprise orange

Sand in balls is orange and pink color. Inside them:

  1. Mermaid tail for pet.
  2. White-yellow dress for the doll.
  3. Black and white swimsuit for doll.
  4. White with yellow ruffles a suit for evening walks.
  5. Little bottle
  6. Pink shoes.

Dissolving the effervescent heart in the lid of the case, we see an orange plastic heart, and inside the Captain B.B. and Captain Kitty. They are very cute!

LOL Bubbly Surprise

In cold water also change color.

The concept of Bubbly Surprise is similar to L.O.L. Surprise! In each case there will always be the same doll and pet. The dolls are unique and exclusive.

LOL Bubbly Surprise

Bubbly Surprise will be available in early February 2019.

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