L.O.L Surprise! New, L.O.L. Surprise!

L.O.L SURPRISE! Biggie Pets

biggie pet box dollmatian lol surprise

L.O.L Surprise! Biggie Pets is a unique toy that is very popular with LOL doll lovers. Huge pets LOL – this is a large version of pets LOL from the third series. Package L.O.L Surprise! Biggie Pet reveals the pet that is inside. If you want a puppy or rabbit – you can easily get them by buying exactly what you need. Here is the packaging with huge Lol pets.

biggie pet box dollmatian lol surprise

biggie pet hamster lol surprise

The huge pet itself is placed in a huge ball-bag. Unlike L.O.L Bigger Surprise and L.O.L Pearl Surprise is a ball, not half, which is very cool. Two straps are supplied with the pet, which allows it to be used as a backpack.

lol surprise biggie pets

And Biggie pet can be used as a piggy bank for coins.

biggie pet hamster lol surprise

biggie pet lol surprise dog

A regular LOL doll is about 3 inches tall. Pets Biggy surprise have a height of 10 to 12 inches. This is a very big difference, these guys are much bigger than the other LOL dolls! L.O.L. Surprise Biggie pets belongs to the EYE Spy series (L.O.L. Surprise series 4). Many messages and tips can be decoded by attaching to them a “magic magnifying glass” or glasses that come with it. There are two waves on sale LOL Biggie Surprise.

lol surprise biggie pets

In the first wave of four pet: Dollmatian puppy, Hop Hop rabbit, hamster MC Hammy and kitty Neon Kitty.

The second wave includes: dog DJ K9, kitten Spicy Kitty and rabbit Cottontail QT.

biggie pet lol surprise wave
lol surprise biggie pets mga

Despite the fact that there is no surprise for a pet inside, your child is still waiting for 15 surprises:

  • Biggie pet
  • Little pet 1 (they can be seen on the pet’s tummy, on the package)
  • Little pet 2 (they can be seen on the pet’s tummy, on the package)
  • Food baby charm or baby pet keychain
  • Spy glasses
  • Biggie Pet Necklace / Collar
  • Shackle
  • Funny bone
  • Prediction wheel
  • Strap for a handbag or a necklace around the neck of a girl (use with spy glasses)
  • Scoop for a small pet 1
  • 1st baby pet accessory 1
  • 2nd Baby Pet Accessory 1
  • Pet basket for small pet 1 (kinetic sand inside)
  • Scoop for a small pet 2 (kinetic sand inside)
  • 1st pet accessory 2 2nd pet accessory 2
  • Pet Basket Pet 2
  • Giant carrying bag.
  • Surprises are in the bags of surprises, inside a huge pet. Small pets change color in cold water. The price, of course, is not small, but this toy is worthy!

biggie pet hamster lol surprise biggie pet box dollmatian lol surprise biggie pet cat lol surprise

  1. Tonka Mutlu says:

    I have ordered for my daughter LOL surprise biggie pet HOP HOP, but package is not the same as in the picture above.
    It is not in the box, but like a big LOL ball. The ball looks so original, but I am not sure if actually it is.
    Also on the quote “How many pets I get” it is written “3 or 4” and not “2 or 3”.
    When I sent a message, they explained that supplier changed the packaging.
    Could you please advise whether the ball I ordered is indeed original or not?

    1. dolls-admin says:

      supplier not changed the packaging. maybe you sold a fake. send the foto

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