L.O.L Surprise! New, L.O.L. Surprise!

L.O.L. Surprise! Boys Series

lol surprise boys series

Boys LOL Surprise – meet in June 2019! L.O.L. Surprise! Boys Series.

Photos of the  of LOL Surprise boys series 2  are already appearing on the network. In 2020, there will be eight more new LOL boys -2!

lol surprise boys series 2 lol surprise boys 2 lol surprise boys new

More about new lol surprise boys you can read here.

lol surprise boys series 2

Already on May 24, 2019 in official sale!

lol surprise series boys

lol surprise boys series

lol surprise boys series 2

  1. From the Opposites Club, the boy LOL – Nightfall.

    This is a popular doll. The boy is a punk rocker in black and white clothes and accessories. His water surprise changes color.

lol surprise fuzzy pets art club 2

lol surprise boys series 1 3

2. From Dance Club boy Do-Si-Dude (Pre-C-Dude).


A popular doll and his water surprise – it is Tinkle.

lol surprise boys series 1 1lol surprise boy

3.Theater Club is a boy – “Hawaiian” – Luau.

lol surprise boys serieslol surprise boy 1 lol surprise boy 2

His water surprise changes color. And this is a popular doll.

lol surprise boys series 1

4. A new club appears in the Lol Boys – New Kids Club series.

And it represents a boy named Boy next door – ultra-rare.

His water surprise is written.

lol surprise boys series 1 2lol boys

5. Another representative of the Opposites Club – Sunny.

lol surprise boy

Trendy popular boy. His surprise is spitting.

lol surprise boys series 1 6

6. A rare guy from The Glitterati Club – King Bee.

His water surprise is water from the ears. Guess who his family is?

lol surprise boys series 1 5

LOL surprise Queen Bee family

7. Spirit Club- Smarty Pants.

lol surprise boy 2

It’s popular boy with a water surprise – crying.

lol surprise boys series 1 8lol surprise boy 3

8. Glam Club – His Royal High-Ney.


Fashionable boy (real prince), who cries.

lol surprise boys series 1 7lol surprise boy 5

They are very cool!

punk boi lol surprise

lil punk boi lol

How do you like these stylish cool boys?

Every girl dreamed about them, because this is an ultra-rare doll.

Punk Boy has a cool mohawk, and leopard hair, very fashionable outfit, bracelets and shoes. Punk Boi changes color in cold water, namely hair becomes completely lilac. As an accessory for this doll, Lol comes with a black bottle with a straw.

punk boi milk bottle

His younger brother, like all lil sisters, changes color in cold water. From the accessory he has a nipple and a black leopard print backpack that fits to Punk Boy.

In the fourth series, Lol Surprise, in the second wave three boys appear: Scribbles (fashion doll), Lil Sk8er (popular doll) and Bebe Bonito (ultra-rare doll). Here is their photo, respectively:

lol series boy scribbles Lol Surprise Doll Scribbles LOL Surprise Lil Sk8er lol surprise series boys

lil bebe bonito

Scribles is a very fashionable guy, he has a fashionable cap, golden hair, gold chain, black and white with a gold bottle. His water surprise is wee and spat.

Lil SK8ER boi and Lil BEBE Bonito change color in cold water. They have cool accessories: glasses, skate, handbag, respectively.

In April 2019, the L.O.L. Surprise! Supreme BFFs, which presents a new boy – Leather. And now the Boys collection Lol Surprise looks like this:

lol surprise boys

Still, most likely, it will be interesting for you to read about the Hairdorables boys, who are also expected to be available very soon. These are the first boy dolls with real hair.

  1. De unde pot cumpara lol punk și scriebbles dar să stiu sigur ca sunt baieti ?

    1. Ann-Christin Brun says:

      De var fine

      1. Karàcsonyi Noèmi says:

        Deliana eu am 3

  2. Sarah lynn says:

    Hi today we purchased our very first lol boys!! So excited we got three!! Welp our first open was full of excitement until we opened the clothes!! King bee was our boy but his royal high-neys clothes!!!

  3. Will, there be a LOL Surprise Boys’ series 2.

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