L.O.L. SURPRISE! Confetti POP series 3

3 seriya lol surprise L.O.L. Surprise!

3 seriya lol surprise

The third series L.O.L. appeared immediately with three yellow balls: L.O.L. Pets., L.O.L. Confetti and Little Sisters.

Confetti Pop, the 1st wave, appeared in December 2017, for Christmas. There are 36 large pupae and 39 little sisters.

L.O.L. SURPRISE! Confetti POP series 3

About a month or so earlier, the Series 3 Pets premiered super cute pets that are coming up to L.O.L. tots and little sisters. The sand had little owls in order to find the surprises hidden in it. Often these are pet shoes.

In the previous series, the dolls had 7 surprises. Confetti Pop has 9 surprises now:

  1. Sticker with a secret message
  2. Water sticker
  3. Tattoo
  4. Bottle
  5. Shoes
  6. Outfit
  7. Accessory
  8. Confetti
  9. Doll

Tattoos – the same as those from charm fizz – are included in L.O.L. tots now.

lol surprise confetti pop 9 layers

Additional layers make new balls a bit larger than in the previous series.

Usually the inner balls are pink. If you find the ball, which inside is golden, your baby has found a very rare doll.

Once you have opened most of the ball, you can pull the ribbon to blow the confetti out of your amazing ball!

L.O.L. SURPRISE! Confetti POP series 3

lol dolls confetti pop 3

Unpacking confetti pop dolls is new and different from previous series:

  • To unpack new layers, you go in a circle, rather than just dropping large sheets.
  • After the tattoo layer there is a spin disk on top that allows you to open any layer.
  • Open the flaps on the ball to get to the bags with surprises.

water surprise poster lol

The abilities of pupae are standardized, the same dolls have the same abilities.

In addition, most of the possible surprises are shown on a collectible poster now, so you don’t need to think about which doll L.O.L. is doing anything.


Here is another surprise …

Some dolls have a 5th secret surprise.

Although most of the surprises are on the poster, some dolls have a question mark (?) Mysterious surprise.

series 3 water surprises lol pets

Rumor has it that these dolls have water splashing from their ears.

New in changing the color of the L.O.L. pupa when cold and warm is activated.

The color change is now activated with cold water and warm water. In fact, if you touch the doll L.O.L. with your hand, it will start to change colors from the heat of your hand.

Color change from cold water usually gives a doll a L.O.L. confetti bathing suit, face mask, or other type of swimming. You can also use cold water to bring the doll back to normal after changing warm water.

Dip the accessories for the doll L.O.L. and see if they have changed …

Some dolls are OMW (on my way). Others fell asleep.

on my way lol

The first wave collector’s sheet shows dolls that are “on my way” … for the second wave. Wave 2 collector sheet will show the dolls that were asleep in the first wave.

There are new clubs.

  • Confetti Pop Series 3 introduces 4 new clubs for L.O.L. and their little sisters:
  • Rock Club: These are some “bad” rocker kids. Expect cool hairstyles and cool clothes.
  • Swim Club: These kids love to swim! Two dolls already have cool big sunglasses and cute swimsuits.
  • Club Sleepover: Sleeping cuties are ready for fun at night. Big pajamas, hair curlers, eye masks and more.
  • STEM Club: The puppets of the Club of Sciences, Technologies, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) are ready to demonstrate their skills and techniques.

There are two different dolls depicted on the balls on the first wave and the second wave.

Take a look at the pupae on the balls.

The balls of the first wave represent the VRQT.confetti pop ball amazon wave 1

And the second wave is Snuggle Babe.

lol series 3 wave 2

So why does the wave you buy matter? Different pupae are included in different waves. If you love more than others, you increase your chance to get a doll that you love by buying in the appropriate wave.

LOL Surprise Confetti Pop Check List

lol surprise confetti pop check list

lol surprise confetti pop family photo

Also, one more novelty – two boys appeared in Confetti Pop

Series 3 second wave introduced to the L.O.L. family two new boys L.O.L.. Punk Boy and Little Punk Boy are super cool and super funny.

confetti lol

And the beginning of 2018 gives all fans of L.O.L. pupae a third series of little sisters.

lil sisters 3

LOL Surprise Confetti Pop Lils Check list

lol surprise series 3 check list

5 surprises LOL Surprise Lils include:

(1) secret message (sticker)

(2) collector’s sheet

(3) small accessory

(4) great accessory

(5) a doll with a surprising ability that unfolds in the water

lil sister lol 3

The surprise ball becomes a key-chain or bath for a pupa. For more fun you can combine images of accessories of big, little sisters and pets!

When you find a doll, dress her up, you will find out (according to the collector’s sheet) which club she belongs to and what is her baby name. Then don’t forget to dip the baby in the cold water to see if it changes color.

In the third season, the sisters L.O.L. Surprise Big Sisters and Little Sisters have a pet in the family!

lol pets 3

LOL Surprise Lil Sisters wave 1 and 2 Balls

lol surprise lil sisters series 3 w2

L.O.L. SURPRISE! Confetti POP series 3

lol surprise lils 3

MGA Entertainment released the first and second wave of L.O.L. Surprise Pets in your collection. In fact, new pets are so cute that some children prefer them to dolls themselves.

Each pet is designed to create a full family with a big sister and little sister.

Here’s what you need to know about these charming pets: L.O.L.:

1. Cats, dogs and more!

The L.O.L. Surprise Pet collection includes puppies, kittens, rabbits, hamsters and even the amazing Midnight Pup – a cute little dog with bat wings.

Domestic pets were released in two waves. Wave 1 has 18 pets, like Wave 2. Thus, in Series 3 there are 36 pets.

2. Yellow surprise packaging.

Just like the big sisters L.O.L. (tots) and lils, released in the series 3 Confetti Pop, the packaging for pets L.O.L. is yellow.

3. On the balls of wave 1 and wave 2 two different pets are depicted.

You are not sure whether you are buying wave 1 or wave 2? Take a look at the pet on the ball.

On the balls of wave 1 is depicted Neon Kitty.

lol surprise pet wave 1

And in the second wave – Dollmatian.

pets wave 2 amazon wave2

So why does the wave you buy matter? Different pets were included in wave 1 and wave 2. If you like more than others, you increase your chance to get a favorite pet that you enjoy buying in the right wave.

4. Pets have 7 surprises.

lol surprise pets

Like L.O.L. Surprise Dolls, every pet is in a 7-layer ball:

  1. Secret Sticker
  2. Water sticker
  3. Bottle
  4. Scoop
  5. Shoes
  6. Accessory
  7. Pet

5. One accessory is inside the sand.

A nice little surprise from a pet L.O.L. is that one accessory is hidden inside the sand. Your little child can use a scoop to dig up an accessory.

Unfortunately, if a shoe is an accessory that is hidden in the sand, you will need to pull out all the sand from the tiny shoes. The easiest way to remove the sand is to simply wash the shoes, and then wipe them with a small rag or a damp cloth.

6. Don’t throw sand … this is kinetic sand!

Sand in the sandbox is a kinetic sand, they can play for a long time. The sandbox is gently clamped to keep the sand in one place, and the sand itself each time adjusts to the cute, lid-shaped foot.

7. Pets also have water surprises.

series 3 water surprises lol

Pets can change color, writing, crying or spitting like dolls.

8. There are rare and very rare pets.

Rare pets of the first wave of the series 3 – the crystal rabbit, in the club Glitterati.

Ultra-rare pets for the first wave of the series 3:

  1. Splash Meow-Maid, pussy mermaid in the club Glitterati
  2. MC Hammy, hamster in the club Glee
  3. Fancy Haute Dog, dachshund in the club Opposites
  4. Cherry Ham, Hamster in Retro Club
  5. Rare pets for wave 2 of the 3rd series – Kitty-Kitty (Club Glitterati) and Paup-Bi (Glitterati).

Ultra-rare pets for wave 2 of the 3rd series:

  1. This is Kitty, the cat in the club Glam
  2. Rolls, hamster in the Athletic Club
  3. Heart Barker, puppy in the club Storybook
  4. Trouble Squeaker, hamster in the Storybook club

All hamsters are very rare!

L.O.L. SURPRISE! Confetti POP series 3


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    Hi, there’s also a Series 3 Wave 2 ball of the tots available, it looks like the confetti ball but does not say confetti pop on it. This is the amazon link:

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      https://lolsdolls.com/en/l-o-l-surprise-confetti-under-wraps-re-released/ here are the re-released series lol surprise confetti pop