L.O.L Surprise! Doll House ❤

lol surprise doll house box

lol surprise doll house box

Super gift and cool toy from MGA Entertainment – Lol dolls house. 🎁

lol surprise house empty

Now you can not worry about the safety in good quality of the L.O.L. Surprise! dolls and there is a super space for playing with any dolls. The house is made of natural wood (laminated pressed wood) and it is huge.

The Lol doll house has three stories, six rooms (a living room, a huge dressing room, which turns into another bedroom, eat-in kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, balcony – terrace), swimming pool and spa.

Batteries included. Inside the moving truck your little one find all furniture, accessories and exclusive dolls.

lol surprise doll house

Very cool surprise is the presence of exclusive L.O.L Surprise! dolls: Lol doll tots and lil sister and of course pet.

lol doll house moving truck


Lol doll house is very bright, super fun and colorful.

It is not easy to assembly, so this is a job for a parents.

One for cool water, the second – a hot tub. Also, a sandbox for a pet. Kinetic sand is not included, but if you already have a L.O.L Surprise! pets, then this problem can be easily solved.

lol surprise doll house


The patio comes with a cardboard box, which has an image of day and night on both sides.

lol surprise doll house

Now let’s talk about dolls L.O.L Surprise! coming complete.

lol surprise house family

Baby Next Door is the tots comes with 4 accessories: outfit, sunglasses, shoes and a bottle. She is already in a bathing suit, which is not removed. Her outfit is easily worn over a swimsuit. Baby Next Door has 2 water surprises. It changes color and spits. When you dunk her in cold water, black strands appear on the doll’s hair, black stripes on a bathing suit and black sandals.

Lil Baby Next Door is the little sister of the family and has two accessories: a tablet and a backpack (in size for a big sister, as well as for most accessories lils). Instead of wearing a diaper only, Lil Baby Next Door is wearing a swimsuit that matches the Baby Next Door swimsuit. This little sister also changes color in cold water, showing black stripes on her hair and swimsuit.

The pet Puppy Next Door has 3 accessories: sunglasses, a bottle of milk and a collar for pets. Like the sisters, the puppy’s color changes in cold water, showing black stripes and a pink swimsuit.

Since these dolls are part of an exclusive collection, Baby Next Door, Lil Baby Next Door and Puppy Next Door are ultra-rare.

lol surprise next door

LOL Doll House has more than 85 surprises. In addition to home, dolls and stickers, your baby gets furniture.

lol surprise house family room

Here are the contents of all these little pink boxes:


Pink and blue bunk bed

Slide for the bunk bed

Ladder for the bunk bed

2 soft blankets

2 soft pillows


2 high chairs (Not 2 chairs and 2 tables like it looks. You have to snap these pieces together.)

Refrigerator that opens and closes

Glitter ice cubes (in freezer)

Bedroom / wardrobe:

Baby bed (bassinet) with soft pillow

Vanity with mirror and open and close drawers

Matching stool

Rest zone:

Big pool

Pool ladder

Sandbox with top

Hot tub.

living room:


Disco ball (attached to the ceiling with velcro)

End table


Lounge chair with stool

Kitchen table (bottom, middle, and top)



Clear bathtub

Toilet with gold toilet paper
Closet rack with hangers (to hang other LOL doll outfits).


Spiral staircase

Clear elevator

Rooftop umbrella.

lol surprise house bath

lol surprise doll house

Definitely, this Lol doll house is just a dream of any girl, and her mother too!

  1. Helen buckingham says:

    I need to find somewhere where I can get it delivered to Brunei as we are serving out here it is to large to get it shipped out there ought the military postal service plz help

    1. dolls-admin says:

      We do not know how to help, sorry

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