L.O.L Surprise! House with 85+ Surprises

L.O.L. Surprise!

Super gift and cool toy from MGA Entertainment – Lol Surprise OMG dolls house – 2021.

lol surprise omg house of surprises
lol surprise omg new house order

Already on sale is a new house for dolls LOL Surprise, including high dolls LOL OMG.

lol omg new house

Now you can not worry about the safety in good quality of the pupae L.O.L. Surprise! and there is a super space for playing with any dolls.
The house is made of natural wood, it is very large, meter by meter. House with three floors, swimming pool and spa. From the rooms – a living room, a huge dressing room, which turns into another bedroom, a kitchen, a bedroom, a bathroom, a balcony – a terrace. And the roof is a helipad. A spiral staircase connects the floors, as well as an interactive “crystal” elevator. There are sound and light effects.

lol surprise house bath
lol surprise house family room

Batteries included. All furniture, accessories and exclusive dolls are delivered in a van that comes with the house.

lol surprise doll house

A very cool surprise is the presence of exclusive dolls L.O.L Surprise !: elder and younger sister, as well as a pet.

lol doll house moving truck
lol surprise house empty

House L.O.L Surprise! very bright, durable and exclusive.
It is not easy to build, so this is a job for parents.
On the lawn near the house are two pools, one for cool water, the second – a jacuzzi. Also, a sandbox for a pet. Kinetic sand is not included, but if you already have a pet L.O.L Surprise !, then this problem can be easily solved.

lol surprise doll house
lol surprise doll house

The balcony comes with a cardboard box, which has an image of day and night on both sides. Children depending on the game plot can easily change the landscape.

lol surprise doll house

Let’s talk about dolls L.O.L Surprise! coming complete.

lol surprise house family

Baby Next Door is the elder sister of the family and comes with 4 accessories: outfit, sunglasses, shoes and a bottle. She is already in a bathing suit, which is not removed. Her outfit is easily worn over a swimsuit. Baby Next Door has 2 water surprises. It changes color and spits. When you dip it in cold water, black strands appear on the doll’s hair, black stripes on a bathing suit and black sandals.

Lil Baby Next Door is the younger sister of the family and has two accessories: a tablet and a backpack (in size for a big sister, like for most lils accessories). Instead of wearing a diaper only, Lil Baby Next Door is wearing a swimsuit that matches the Baby Next Door swimsuit. This little sister also changes color in cold water, showing black stripes on her hair and swimsuit.

The pet Puppy Next Door has 3 accessories: sunglasses, a bottle of milk and a collar for animals. Like the sisters, the puppy’s color changes in cold water, showing black stripes and a pink swimsuit.

Since these dolls are part of an exclusive collection, Baby Next Door, Lil Baby Next Door and Puppy Next Door are ultra-rare.

lol surprise next door

Doll House LOL Surprise has more than 85 surprises. In addition to home, dolls and stickers, your baby gets furniture.
Here are the contents of all these little pink boxes:

bunk bed with blankets, pillows, slide;
cradle with a pillow.
Living room:
Dressing table.

Two high chairs;
Dining table;
Refrigerator that opens and closes (stickers, ice cubes).
Bedroom / wardrobe:
Piercer with a mirror and opening drawers;
Open closet;
Shiny disco ball.

Rest zone:
umbrella for the balcony.

Transparent bath;
Toilet with golden toilet paper.
Spiral staircase;
Transparent elevator.
Definitely, this house is just a dream of any girl, and her mother too!

lol surprise doll house box


Hi! I'm Lesia Ostrovskaya, the mother of two beautiful girls – Emilia (7 years old) and Dasha (5 years old). They are very fond of dolls and, in principle, all kinds of toys. At the moment, we have already bought more than 3000 toys for them and...believe us, we have something to tell you ;)

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  1. Helen buckingham

    I need to find somewhere where I can get it delivered to Brunei as we are serving out here it is to large to get it shipped out there ought the military postal service plz help

    1. Lesia author

      We do not know how to help, sorry

  2. Emma

    Hi there, I am looking to purchase subsequent furniture and spiral stairs for the lol dolls house. Is that possible? Many thanks

  3. leah

    can you buy replacement parts for the dolls house please ?

  4. Christina Betonio

    Hello, is it possible to buy van of furniture?

    1. Lesia author

      Unfortunately not, the LOL Surprise furniture are sold in other sets. link:

  5. Jennifer Davis

    Two of our walls are broken – part I and part H. How do we get replacements for those 2?

  6. Stuart Groves

    Hi someone please help on the ground floor the screw has popped through the floor is there anywhere I can buy a new floor please

  7. Teniah Crane

    What if I am missing the big piece that the slide connects to at the bottom?? What can I do to get that piece my baby has been wanting to play with her house??? Please help me

  8. Tsitsi

    Hi! I’m tsitsi samukange I am turning ten and I still always enjoy lol dolls and the house it’s just magical for me and I just love it thank you for making it you filled a gap in my heart