L.O.L Surprise! New, L.O.L. Surprise!

New LOL Surprise Dolls – L.O.L Surprise! #HairVibes

And you thought this year there will be no new LOL dolls from MGA Entertainment? We will delight you – already in December 2019 there will be new LOL dolls – LOL Surprise #HairVibes!

lol surprise hair vibes

and this photo is already unpacked video blogger dolls Lol Surprise! #HairVibes

lol surprise hairvibes 2

lol surprise hairvibes 4


What will surprise us this time?) Now for each LOL Surprise #Hairvibes doll there will be three or more hairstyle options! There are three wigs with each LOL doll – 2 with real hair and a plastic wig with a hairdo, for example pigtails.

lol surprise hairvibes 1 lol surprise hairvibes 2


The LOL Surprise #HairVibes ball is even bigger than the previous ones and 15 surprises inside!

Now from unpacking the LOL Surprise doll you will get even more fun. You will not know which doll and what amazing surprises await you inside the LOL Surprise #Hairvibes ball.

lol surprise hairvibes 3

  • Sticker
  • Outfit
  • Boots
  • Hair accessory
  • LOL #Hairvibes doll with real bangs
  • Plastic overlay – hairstyle – these are two surprises
  • Doll accessory
  • A wig –  is two surprises
  • Doll headpiece
  • Bottle
  • Hairbrush

lol surprise hairvibes

See what kind of doll LOL Surprise #hairvibes we got and what hairstyles we did to her.

It’s popular doll Rhymes from retro club.

lol surprise hairvibes 10 lol surprise hairvibes 5 lol surprise hairvibes 7 lol surprise hairvibes 6 lol surprise hairvibes 8 lol surprise hairvibes 2 lol surprise hairvibes 1 lol surprise hairvibes 4

And this doll change colour

lol surprise hairvibes 11 lol surprise hairvibes 12 lol surprise hairvibes 13

See photo unboxing LOL Surprise #HairVibes.

lol surprise hair vibes 35

lol surprise hair vibes 19

lol surprise hair vibes 13

lol surprise hair vibes 14

lol surprise hair vibes 15


lol surprise hair vibes 10


lol surprise hair vibes 3

Just remove the plastic covers from your LOL #Hairvebes doll head and put on another hairstyle. Be a designer, mix and match!

lol surprise hair vibes 37

lol surprise hair vibes 36

lol surprise hair vibes 4

lol surprise hair vibes 5

lol surprise hair vibes 20

lol surprise hair vibes 2

There are 12 lol dolls #Hairvibes in this series.

lol surprise hairvibes

LOL Surprise #hairvibes are divided as always in clubs. All Lol Surprise dools #Hairvibes

  • The Glitterati – Disco Queen and Supreme Queen are rare dolls.

lol surprise disco queenlol surprise supreme queen

  • Opposites Club – Jelly Jem (fashion doll) and Peanut Buttah (a popular doll depicted on the LOL #HAIRVIBES ball).

lol surprise jelly jam

lol surprise peanut buttah

  • Glee Club – Supa Star (fashion doll).

lol surprise supa star

  • Glam Club – Darling (popular) and Masquerad (fashion doll).

lol surprise darling

lol surprise masquerade


  • Retro Club – boy Da Fresh (fashionable) and Rhymes (popular).

lol-surprise da fresh

lol surprise rhymes


  • Athletic Club – Glow Grrrl and Blackbelt are popular dolls.

lol surprise glow grrrl

lol surprise black belt

  • Swim Club – Scuba babe is an ultra-rare beauty.

lol surprise scuba babe

All LOL #Hairvibes dolls change color.


lol surprise hairvibes 14

They are just gorgeous! I want to buy them all!

Video Unpacking your favorite YouTube channel

  1. Jeanne gripshover says:

    We received da fresh his hair does not look like picture and does not fit his head

  2. myrna vandevender says:


  3. Kosta Blyznakov says:

    How can a company in this days package their product in sow much plastic. Once we open it we had a whole bag full of plastic wraps and other packing materials – I mean the amount of plastic they used to wrap everything for this toy is outrageous – Shame on you

    My daughter love the toy but we will no longer be buying because of the waste you create

  4. We bought one and got everything it says but the doll.

    1. Administrator says:

      Contact the seller with a complaint.

  5. Any idea why Blackbelt doll has a yellow belt instead of a black belt?

  6. My daughter just got Da Fresh and lets not even talk about the fact it’s anatomical correct…don’t feel there is a need for that in kids toys but also it doesn’t even work properly. The hair doesn’t stay on his head at all. What a disappointment after spending so much on a toy for it not to work.

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