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L.O.L Surprise! Furniture – box with furniture and doll

lol surprise furniture boutique queen bee 2

L.O.L. Surprise Furniture

New 2019 year. LOL Surprise Furniture has been on sale since fall 2019. LOL accessories Surprise – a great gift for lovers of LOL dolls! If you have a LOL Dollhouse, you will need extra furniture. If not at home, then you need this LOL Surprise game kit even more for more fun. Because LOL Surprise Furniture is a full room (dressing room, beauty salon or bedroom) or a LOL doll machine. And the best part is, in the kit LOL Surprise accessories, you will definitely receive a LOL doll.

Each LOL Surprise Furniture box contains a doll and the room you receive. But don’t worry, your baby will still receive surprises from LOL Surprise!

As many as 10 surprises in LOL Surprise Furniture: a LOL doll with an outfit, shoes and accessories, elements of furniture or a car, with accessories for them. Everything is hidden in surprise bags. So, the element of unpacking the surprise will still be present and surprise your child.

In the first series of LOL Surprise accessories there will be 4 types – Boutique & Queen Bee, Salon & Diva, Bedroom & Neon Q.T. and Cozy Coupe & M.C. Swag.

By the way, these sets and LOL Surprise dolls are suitable for OMG LOL Surprise dolls. All four LOL dolls are sisters for LOL OMG of the first series.


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Boutique & Queen Bee –Queen Bee Wardrobe

In this LOL Surprise Accessories game kit, you will receive a LOL Surprise Queen Bees doll in a shiny golden outfit, black shoes, a bottle, a cabinet with opening doors and drawers, hangers, a large floor mirror, and a mannequin hanger.

lol surprise furniture boutique queen bee 4

lol surprise furniture boutique queen bee 3 lol surprise furniture boutique queen bee 2 lol surprise furniture boutique queen bee

lol surprise furniture 7

lol surprise furniture 8

lol surprise furniture 9

If you do not have a dollhouse, then the LOL Surprise Furniture box will be your play area. The design of the box is made under the dressing room. Put furniture, accessories there and play any stories with your doll LOL Surprise!

lol surprise furniture queen bee

This set fits the fashionable LOL OMG Royal Bee doll.

omg lol surprise royal bee

The most popular LOL doll is Diva, which graced the cover of the first LOL Surprise series, now with its own beauty salon! It’s time to buy this LOL Surprise Furniture set if you still haven’t come across this beautiful LOL doll.

L.O.L. Surprise Furniture diva

This LOL surprise set includes LOL doll with an outfit, shoes and a bow, a bottle, a chair with a hairdryer, which has a drawer, a washbasin with a tap, and a dressing table with a mirror, drawers and necessary accessories to create beauty!LOL Surprise Furniture Salon Diva LOL Surprise Furniture Salon with Diva

Use the box from the playset – it will become the basis of your beauty salon. Put your furniture and doll in it and receive the first customers!

To replenish the Diva family, buy a doll LOL OMG Lady Diva.

omg lol surprise lady diva

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Bedroom & Neon Q.T.:

Inside the box you will find the LOL doll Neon Q.T. with an outfit, shoes, glasses and a bottle, a large pink crib with two pillows and a blanket, playpen for the little LOL Lils doll, a toy hare for your doll. Do not throw away the box from LOL Surprise accessories – this will be your room, its design looks like a real cute bedroom for LOL dolls.

lol surprise spaces pack Neon QT lol surprise furniture Neon QT lol surprise furniture Bedroom Neon QT

LOL Surprise OMG Neonlisiuos fits this LOL Surprise game set.

lol surprise omg neonlicious

Cozy Coupe & M.C. Swag: LOL doll car with trailer, doll and accessories.lol surprise furniture swag lol surprise furniture cozy coupe swag lol surprise furniture cozycoupe

This LOL Surprise Furniture set must be a must-have for a LOL doll fan. These are cars for the MC Swag and her little sister or pet.
In the kit you will find a MC Swag doll, with an outfit, shoes, a cap and a bottle, a coupe with a trailer, two pendants in the LOL Surprise car.
And you can use the box as a game space, the road and brick walls are drawn on it.

lol surprise furniture coupe 14
And this is MC Swag with sister OMG SWAG
lol surprise furniture coupe 9

Please note that all four babies: Neon Q.T., Diva, M.C. Swag and Queen Bee are the younger sisters of the new dolls – OMG LOL Surprise! Collect them all for a fun game!

LOL Surprise Furniture series 2 interesting toy too. You can read more here

  1. where can I go to order one of these see I need soon as possible I think I need like 6 of them right about 9 can you contact me through my email as soon as possible and how much the cost of it is well

    1. dolls-admin says:

      go to our site, there is a highlighted link on which you can already order LOL SURPRISE FURNITURE

  2. Where can I find the Queen Bee set? Everyone is either sold out or raising the price to almost $40 because of the demand? (Amazon sellers and Walmart.com are both doing this)

  3. Nellie Black says:


    I was wondering if you were planning on creating more lol surprise furniture. My daughters birthday is coming up and she really wants the fancy doll. We have over 30 dolls, but
    No fancy :/.

  4. hi i want a lot of lol i am a fan of lol pls give a lot of lol

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