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L.O.L SURPRISE Hair Salon- Exlusive doll J.K.

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LOL Surprise are the most popular dolls in the world, and MGAE company maintains interest in its product by releasing new interesting game sets and new series of dolls LOL Surprise.

In the summer of 2020, there are new series of dolls LOL Surprise: LOL OMG 3 series, LOL Surprise JK, present surprise, boys -Arcade heroes, baseball teams, as well as such gaming sets – LOL OMG dolls house, Clubhouse, a car on the radio control.

That’s not all, as Isaac Larian, CEO of MGAE, said:

“Oh! So many new, original innovations from the MGAE team.

It’s been an incredibly challenging year for children and MGAE’s team is focused on delivering products for the holidays that bring smiles and laughter to children around the world.

So more beautiful and interesting novelties of LOL Surprise are waiting for us in autumn and by Christmas 2020.

This article is about the new super interesting LOL Surprise Hair Salon set. Read it before buying so you know what you’re spending your money on.

What is LOL Surprise Hair Salon?

lol surprise beauty salon

First of all, LOL Surprise Hair Salon is a folding game set in the form of big bag, black and pink color, with a gold chain – handle.

LOL Surprise Hair Salon 2
lol surprise hair salon package

When you open the bag, you will see a mirror with bulbs, a podium, and two zones for beauty treatments.

The LOL Surprise Hair Salon playset includes several options to play, including styling doll hair in the salon, viewing new styles in a mirror for you with work lights, storing fashionable clothes in a fancy closet, and showcasing new styles on a pull-out runway.

lol surprise jk beauty salon

Together with the bag in the set will be an exclusive LOL Surprise JK Prim doll.

Looking at the doll’s hair color, she is the younger sister of LOL OMG Uptown Girl.

50 Surprises LOL Surprise Hair Salon

In the LOL Surprise Hair Salon playset you will get such accessories:

  • real water bath
LOL Surprise Hair Salon
  • real-light mirror
  •  pull-out runway
  • doll stand
  • fashion doll LOL Surprise JK Prim with real hair, fashion outfit and high shoes
  • glasses
  • bottle
  • five facial masks
L.O.L. Surprise Hair Salon Playset
  • fashion chair
  • ring a bunch of erasers and hair clips
  • coloured chalk for the doll’s and baby’s hair, in the form of a curling iron
LOL Surprise Hair Salon 1
  • hair glitter for lol doll and you
  • clothes rack
LOL Surprise Hair Salon Playset
  • hairbrush
  • hairstyling dummy
  • drawers
  • a big black hairstyle bow.
lol surprise hair salon

LOL Surprise Hair Salon can host several LOL Surprise dolls at the same time, while the rest can be present as spectators at the fashion show.

LOL Surprise Hair Salon Playset 1

Check The price of LOL Surprise Hair Salon.

Where to buy and release date LOL Surprise Hair Salon?

In August 2020 it will be possible to make an order for LOL Surprise Hair Salon. LOL Surprise Hair Salon, as always, will be available on Amazon, Target, Walmart and the online store LOL Surprise.

Weight1 Pounds
Dimensions (Overall)12 Inches (H) x 17.25 Inches (W) x 5.25 Inches (D)
Battery2 AA Alkaline, Required, Not Included
Suggested Age 4 Years and Up

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