L.O.L. Surprise! Lils Makeover series

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MGA Entertainment presented L.O.L Surprise! Makeover series lils in the framework of the fifth series L.O.L. Surprise Hairgoals. 😍

LOL Surprise hairgoals lil sisters

LOL Surprise hairgoals lil sisters

In this series, you can get caught by a little sister LOL, a pet or even a younger brother!

The package is a hair curler that can be used on baby hair or as a bath / crib for pupae. The package shows Lil Jet Set QT on one side and on the reverse side of the cylinder – the Jet Set Hop Hop rabbit.

As you can see, pets 5 series more than younger sisters or brothers.

LOL Surprise hairgoals lil sisters LOL Surprise hairgoals lil sisters LOL Surprise hairgoals lil sisters

Inside you are waiting for these surprises:

  • secret message;
  • magic mirror;
  • fashion accessory;
  • outfit;

There are 18 pupae in the collection. Of these, 9 pets, 2 brothers and 7 sisters.

In the fifth series of LOL lils, two new boys appear, both at the sports club.

Lil Caddy Boy – the younger brother of the Caddy Cutie from the fourth series of LOL.

Lil Bro Cheer is the younger brother of the Cheer sister from the 4 Under Wraps Eye Spy series of the second wave.

What are the pupae you can get?

  1. Lil agent baby – a rare doll
  2. Agent purr – ultra-rare doll
  3. Pup in the woods – a popular doll
  4. #lilinstagold – fashion doll
  5. #instabunny – fashion doll
  6. Her lil majesty – fashion doll
  7. Lil leading baby – a popular doll
  8. Jet set hop hop – fashionable doll
  9. Lil jet set q.t. – fashion doll
  10. Lil caddy boy – a popular doll
  11. Pup Cheer – a popular doll
  12. Lil bro cheer – a popular doll
  13. Lil pharaon babe – fashionable doll
  14. Oops Ham – a popular doll
  15. Fierce meow – a popular doll
  16. Cuervo bonito – a popular doll
  17. Witchay kittay – fashionable doll
  18. Hammy tide is a popular doll.

Another important point is that pets are not as big as we used to, they are very small on Lil sys. Also, pets without kinetic sand and shoes. If your child is interested in pets, then it is better to buy him L.O.L. Surprise! Fuzzy Pets from the fifth series LOL.

LOL Surprise hairgoals lil sisters

To learn a water surprise – just dip the pupa in the water.

Collect them all!

Are you familiar with LOL Hairgoals?

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