L.O.L. Surprise!

L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G. Fashion Closet

LOL Surprise OMG Fashion Closet 2

MGAE company produces not only fashionable dolls, but also a lot of useful accessories and game sets to diversify your game of dolls.

It is no secret that the most popular dolls of MGAE company are LOL Surprise, namely LOL Surprise OMG.

If you are a fan of dolls LOL OMG, you have two or more dolls and you actively play with them, then you have outfits, a few pairs of shoes and many fashion accessories.

Dolls LOL Surprise OMG come in boxes, inside which are still boxes of bags with clothing, shoes and accessories. You can store each doll separately in its own box, you can store it in the house for dolls LOL Surprise OMG, or you can store it in a new product from MGAE – L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G. Fashion Closet On-The-Go.

We came up with a way to use a box from LOL OMG doll to store clothes on hangers.

Simply insert a suitable size wand, skewer, toothpick between the walls of the box and you can safely hang your outfits in the closet!) The box from LOL Surprise OMG is perfect, as there is a mirror and a storage compartment for the doll. And at the bottom fold two boxes with your LOL OMG shoes and jewelry.

lol surprise omg closet diy

What is L.O.L. Surprise? O.M.G. Fashion Closet On-The-Go?

LOL Surprise OMG Fashion Closet is a multifunctional game set for LOL OMG dolls. The main purpose of the toy is to store dolls and their outfits.

For LOL Surprise tots, MGAE has previously released a stand for storing LOL dolls and their outfits and accessories.

And for high LOL dolls you need a bigger closet. Just LOL Surprise On-The-Go must cope with the storage task.

Read its specifications before buying to be sure of the choice of a toy.

What do you get by buying LOL Surprise OMG Fashion Closet?

Buying the Fashionable Doll Cabinet LOL Surprise OMG you solve several problems:

Storage of LOL OMG dolls

Storage of outfits, shoes and accessories for dolls

Play space with bright design for photo and fashion shows

Convenient transportation of your dolls with outfits for playing in nature, on a visit or at school.

Suitcase on wheels

LOL Surprise OMG Fashion Closet
LOL Surprise OMG Fashion Closet on the go

The design of LOL OMG Fashion Closet is very nice and bright. On a black background pink and blue confetti. The wheels are made as real, so it is very convenient to carry a suitcase with you. The pen is extended and corresponds to the child’s height.

LOL Surprise OMG Fashion Closet on the go 1

What is inside LOL OMG Fashion Closet?

Open LOL OMG Fashion Closet zippers and inside you will find:

  1. LOL OMG Doll Bag
  2. sunglasses
  3. six hangers
  4. two double-sided backgrounds for photo shoots
  5. drawers
  6. mirror
  7. place in the closet for four dolls and outfits.
LOL Surprise OMG Fashion Closet 1
LOL Surprise OMG Fashion Closet 3

L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G. Fashion Closet On-The-Go – This is a great game set for dolls LOL OMG.

Price L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G. Fashion Closet On-The-Go Price L.O.L. Surprise! about $100, but if you have nowhere to store the dolls and their outfits, then it costs this money. Dolls and accessories will be intact and safe, and you can take many beautiful pictures and play out interesting stories.

You can buy a fashionable LOL Surprise dolls closet for OMG at Amazon, Target and major stores in your city.

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