L.O.L. Surprise!

L.O.L Surprise! O.M.G series 4 – Sweets and Spisy Babe

lol omg bffs series 4

The favorite dolls from the first LOL Surprise series are being re-released in the LOL Surprise Furniture play sets and their older sisters LOL Surprise OMG!

At the beginning of 2021, the fourth series of LOL Surprise Furniture and the fourth series of LOL OMG dolls go on sale.

Meet the LOL Surprise OMG series 4

lol omg bffs sweets
lol omg series 4 bffs
lol surprise omg series 4 dolls

These are the older sisters of the dolls lol surprise furniture 4

Now you can assemble two more LOL Surprise families!

lol omg sweet
lol omg spicy babe

20 Surprises LOL OMG Series 4

lol omg series 4 sweets doll

Unpack twenty surprises with a LOL Surprise OMG Doll Series 4, with stunning cute makeup, styled hair and bendable legs and arms for posing and photo shoots!


  • LOL Surprise OMG fashion doll
  • outfit
  • shoes
  • personal horoscope doll
  • purse
  • Accessorises
  • 2 boxes (for shoes and accessories)
  • hair brush
  • doll stand
  • two clothes bags.

Packaging turns into a playset

  • Use the box from the LOL OMG dolls as a dressing room. It has a mirror and a place to store boxes of outfits.
  • Use as a beautiful photo area for the best photo of your LOL Surprise OMG 4 Series doll.
lol omg spicy babe unbox

L.O.L Surprise O.M.G Series 4 Dolls Names

LOL OMG Sweets

lol surprise omg series 4 package
lol omg series 4 package
lol surprise omg sweets doll

LOL Surprise OMG Spicy babe

lol omg series 4 dolls
lol omg spicy babe doll accessories
lol omg spicy babe doll outfit
lol omg spicy babe doll

LOL Surprise OMG Series 4 dolls are adorable! Collect the two opposites: Sweet Candy and Spicy Pepper!

  1. Maggie Heeman says:

    How do you order these two particular dolls?

  2. Hi my name is Kimberly and I want to know when are they lol omg series 4 sweets and spicy babe dolls are gonna come out and what date is gonna come out to stores

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