L.O.L Surprise! New, L.O.L. Surprise!

L.O.L Surprise O.M.G. Styling head – new L.O.L Surprise toy!

lol surprise styling head 49

A new gift to LOL Surprise fans from MGA Entertainment is the Lol Surprise O.M.G. Styling head.
Our favorite OMG LOL Surprise doll – Neonlisicous – has now become a big head for hairstyles with over 30 surprises!

lo surprise styling head 47
lol surprise styling head 48

The set includes a large Styling head LOL Surprise! of the OMG LOL doll on a stand with a box for storing accessories and jewelry.
Opening the package, you will immediately find the head. Look what a bright hairstyle, makeup. She is gordeous!

lol surprise omg styling head neonlicious 4
lol surprise styling head 40
lol-surprise omg styling head neonlicious 3

When you open the first door, you will find colored curls on duct tape to attach them to the Styling head of a Neonlisicous OMG doll. You can glue as you like, anywhere in the head, experiment!
In the second drawer there is even more colored bright hair, orange, pink and yellow neon! Hair of different lengths.

lol surprise styling head 38
lol surprise styling head 41
lol surprise omg styling head neonlicious 1
lol surprise omg styling head

In the next section – accessories for creating hairstyles: hairpins, elastic bands, comb, stylish headband, earrings and a choker.
Create your hairstyles for LOL OMG dolls, change images and styles, it’s so much fun!

lol surprise styling head 22
lol surprise omg styling head neonlicious
lol surprise omg styling head neonlicious 2

And another big surprise will be how the LOL OMG doll changes the color of makeup if you draw an ice cube over her face.

lol surprise styling head 12

Makeup becomes brighter.

The MGA company made a very interesting toy out of a LOL Surprise OMG Styling head. Added surprises, removable hair, changing makeup.

It is very interesting to experiment with hairstyles.

L.O.L Surprise! O.M.G Styling head – ROYAL BEE.

lol surprise omg styling head royal bee

LOL Surprise O.M.G Styling Head Royal Bee including some big head on the stand and 4 steps to make various hairstyles. It’s more than 30 surprises inside – hair and accessories.

lol surprise omg styling head royal bee 3
  1. Add Mix & Match Hair
  2. Style for Endless Fierce Looks
  3. Accessorize Hair for Extra Glam
  4. Color Change Makeover
lol surprise styling head 6
lol surprise omg styling head
lol surprise omg styling head royal bee 1
lol surprise styling head 11
lol surprise omg styling head royal bee 2
lol surprise styling head 13

In order to change the color of Royal Bee makeup, wipe her face with an ice cube. Doll eye makeup and lipstick color have completely changed. And for the first time, a new color will remain until you wipe your face with a warm towel.

lol surprise omg styling head royal bee 4

Which LOL Surprise OMG Styling head doll you like more?

lol surprise styling head 17

  1. I bought the styling head doll for my daughter and it was the worst toy I could’ve bought. The hair sheds immediately and it’s adhesive with no extra adhesives for durability. After two times, some of the pieces would not stick. The ice cube makeup application last only if you keep rubbing ice, therefore after 3 seconds it goes back to normal. And the 38 pieces are including the flimsy hair pieces. I’m very upset. My kid has gotten irritated at it. I will never buy an omg brand again. Didn’t have my phone to google reviews. Huge mistake!!! Waste of money during a recession. I wish i could get a refund!

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