L.O.L Surprise! New, L.O.L. Surprise!

L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G. dolls

omg lol surprise

Already from 07/07/2019 on sale new dolls LOL Surprise – OMG! This is a breakthrough in the world of dolls! They want all the girls in the world.

This is the Elder Sisters of LOL Surprise. In the first series of LOL OMG 4 dolls: Neonlicious, LADY DIVA, SWAG and ROYAL BEE.

O.M.G  lol mean is O My God. You can buy L.O.L O.M.G fashion dolls on Amazon.com.

Check price LOL Surprise OMG on Amazon.

What is omg lol? It’s older sisters lol dolls. Total are four lol omg dolls in series 1. They are names: Neonlicious, LADY DIVA, SWAG and ROYAL BEE.

Size OMG LOL dolls 27 cm (11 inches).

Manufacturer recommended age 6-10 years.

Shipping Weight 1.75 pounds.

Your little one is waiting for 20 surprises in each box.lol surprise omg dolls

LOL OMG dolls are really fashionable! Bright makeup, a pretty face, different fashionable bright hairstyles with chic hair. Stylish and fashionable clothes, shoes. LOL OMG dolls are decorated with fashion accessories – trendy glasses, jewelry on the neck, earrings, hats and handbags! A lot of shine and amazing manicure for each doll!
All the girls want to play with these dolls and be like LOL dolls OMG surprise. They are so fun to collect. Each LOL OMG doll is an older sister of the previously released LOL Surprise dolls.

The motto of the dolls is LOL OMG: “we are here to surprise, we create our own rules and stand out from the crowd.”

Each L.O.L Surprise! O.M.G includes:

  • fashion doll,
  • clothes,
  • shoes,
  • many accessories,
  • shoe box,
  • hat box,
  • a stand,
  • bags for clothes,
  • a biography,
  • a hairbrush
  • and a box with a mirror, which becomes a play set.

Collect 4 LOL Surprise OMG fashion dolls.

Lifehack: For the convenience of dressing dolls, you can detach the hand and then insert it back.

omg lol surprise

Royal Bee 

She is older sister Queen bee LOL DOll.

Gorgeous doll LOL OMG – all in gold, with golden curls, glasses. Fashionable outfit, and underneath a beautiful swimsuit.

This is the most glamorous LOL OMG dolls.

Inside this package LOL Surprise OMG 20 surprises are waiting for you: OMG doll Lol Surprise, paper bags with clothes on hangers, beautiful shiny boxes with accessories and shoes. And the box inside is decorated like a dressing room with a real mirror. You will enjoy playing with this playset! Buy another LOL Surprise Furniture – the closet of the Queen of the Bees.

lol surprise omg royal beelol surprise omg royal bee bio

omg lol surprise royal bee

ROYAL BEE – a fashionable incredible doll with cute features, beautiful hair and a royal style. She is Scorpio: “Queens don’t always have 2 rule alone. Make some time with ur royal BFFs.”

omg lol surprise royal bee doll

The queen of bees is an ultra-rare doll. For unpacking – slide the cardboard box and you will find a doll, a biography and the first set of surprises.

clothes are hidden in paper packaging, shoes in a box, and in a hat box – a fashion accessory.

omg- ol surprise royal bee 1 omg lol surprise royal bee 2

Open the dressing room so that the queen of bees can make a fashion show, give her a fashionable pose on stand.

Dressing room will be a reusable play set for Royal Bee.

lol surprise omg royal bee 2


lol surprise omg neonlicious

lol surprise omg neonlicious biolol surprise omg neonlicious

Neonlicious OMG lol doll is always extraordinary, she has amazing facial features, her own bright fairy style and beautiful hair.

She has a fashionable bright outfit, many accessories and shoes.

lol surprise omg neonlicious 2 lol surprise omg neonlicious 1 lol surprise omg neonlicious doll

To this charming LOL OMG doll, a separate bedroom set is sold and the younger sister Neon Q.T.

lol surprise omg neonlicious 2

Lady Diva

lol surprise omg lady diva

lol surprise omg lady diva bioomg lol surprise lady diva

Lady Diva older sister to Diva.

lady diva adorns a fashionable outfit, a stylish handbag, earrings, a choker,  a belt, a microphone, and high boots.

If you haven’t come across the Diva from the first series, you can buy LOL SUrprise Furniture (beauty salon) with an exclusive LOL Diva doll.

omg lol surprise lady diva 1 omg lol surprise lady diva doll omg lol surprise lady diva doll 1

lol surprise omg lady diva 2


lol surprise omg swag

lol surprise omg swag bio

lol surprise omg swag

lol surprise omg swag

lol omh swag

lol omg swag doll

lol surprise omg swag 1 lol surprise omg swag 2

lol surprise omg swag

lol surprise omg swag 2

what stores sell lol omg dolls

where to buy lol omg

where to buy lol omg fashion dolls

lol omg dolls smyths

Amazon.com , Target.com,  walmart.com,  www.argos.co.uk, direct.asda.com


lol omg crystal

lol omg winter disco

lol omg series 2

lol omg crystal star doll

omg lol in spanishhttps://lolsdolls.com/es/hermanas-mayores-lol-sorpresa-l-o-l-sorpresa-o-m-g/
omg lol in italyhttps://lolsdolls.com/it/grandi-sorelle-lol-surprise-l-o-l-sorpresa-o-m-g/
omg lol in francehttps://lolsdolls.com/fr/grandes-soeurs-lol-surprise-l-o-l-surprise-o-m-g/
omg lol in polandhttps://lolsdolls.com/pl/big-sisters-lol-surprise-l-o-l-niespodzianka-o-m-g/

Our unpacking O.M.G L.o.l Surprise! Swag

  1. Serena Rodriguez says:

    When will you guys make the second series because I want to know the doll that is a libra like me and has a birthday in September or near September 28 :D. Im so excited! Please, respond.

  2. What does lol and omg stand for?

    1. dolls-admin says:

      OMG is a new series from Lol Surprise. Tall dolls

  3. Renee Rye says:

    I know Swag is a Leo…what are the others? We lost out magazines.

  4. areej abdulshaheed says:

    Why lolo surprise fashion doll out of stock?
    When it will come back?

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