L.o.l Surprise! series1-4, L.O.L. Surprise!

L.O.L Surprise! Pearl Surprise

lol surprise pearl surprise 4

lol surprize pearl

Since February 2018, a cool novelty appeared in the world of LOL Surprise dolls … L.O.L Surprise! Pearl Surprise.

Before you think that L.O.L Pearl Surprise is just the blue or purple version of L.O.L Bigger Surprise … read our review!

The concept of Pearl Surprise is similar to L.O.L Bigger Surprise, but it is definitely not the same. Firstly, there are only eleven surprises in LOL Pearl Surprise, not fifty, as in LOL Surprise Big Surprise.

There are also two issues of Pearl Surprise: blue – turquoise (first issue) and purple (second issue).

lol surprise pearl

Below is everything you need to know about L.O.L Surprise! Pearl Surprise.

Unpacking L.O.L Surprise! Pearl surprise

Like L.O.L Bigger Surprise, Pearl Surprise comes in a shiny turquoise or purple case with a pen. However, it is small enough to carry and the back of the case is flat.

Subject of surprise Pearls – mermaids, treasures, the ocean.

lol surprise pearl surprise 2

Each pearl contains eleven surprises:

Six exclusive doll accessories.
sizzling fizz pearl (it’s like a charm fizz – more on that later)
stand with sea shell for dolls
exclusive doll (big sister)
exclusive doll (younger sister).

There are two different styles of L.O.L Pearl Surprise, the surprises are the same, but the appearance of the contents will be different, as the dolls are different.

First layer: pearl accessories

The first layer of a pearl surprise is six small iridescent “pearls” (balls).

lol surprise pearl surprise

lol surprise pearl surprise 5

Here are the accessories included in the first layer:

Two pairs of shoes
Marine bikini top
Bikini bottom

Accessories are two different outfits for the LOL doll. Thanks to the available accessories, your baby has the opportunity to make eight different looks.

Second layer: giant pearl fizz

The next layer of L.O.L Pearl Surprise is a giant sizzling pearl.

lol pearl surprise

lol surprise pearl surprise 7

To use a giant sizzling shell (pearl):

Take a seashell.
Remove the plastic packaging.
The outer shell of the shell is sandy, so do not use it in the bathroom.
Fill half of the hemisphere with half of water.
Carefully place the shell in water.
Enjoy the beautiful yellow and pink (or pink and purple) flowers until a turquoise (purple) shell appears below.

Third layer: stand for shells

After the whole shell has melted, you will see a blue (or pink) sea shell.

The seashell for Pearl Surprise is the same as the surprise balls for other LOL Surprise dolls. This means that you can put the dolls inside or put them on the footprints so that they stand inside.

lol surprise pearl surprise 3 lol surprise pearl surprise 6

But, most importantly, there are two limited edition dolls and one accessory – a bottle inside the sink.

lol pearl surprise

Pearl surprises LOL Dolls

Each Pearl Surprise comes with a big sister (tot) and a lil cis doll. These dolls are always the same. For example, if you buy two blue pearl surprises, you ALWAYS get the same two LOL Surprise dolls.

For Pearl Surprise Edition 1, the lol tot doll is called “Treasure.” Her younger sister is, of course, Lil Treasure.

lol bigger surprise dolls

Tip. There is a collector sticker in the ball that shows the names of the dolls.

lol treasure small

Dip the doll in cold water to see a green swimsuit and a tattoo on your hip. In warm water, everything will disappear. Be careful, the doll splashes!

lol lil treasure small

Lil Treasure changes color, like all Lil sisters. Put her in cold water to see her hair turn into a deeper red color, the shell turns bright pink, and the diaper turns purple. Dip Lil Treasure in warm water to bring it back to its original color.

For Pearl Surprise Edition 2, the lol tot doll is called Precious. Her sister Lil is Lil Precious.

lol pearl surprise doll

lol precious small lol lil precious small

Precious changes color in cold water: her hair turns dark blue, her blue swimsuit appears, and a tattoo of her legs with a wave appears. Dip Precious Lil in cold water to see her navy long sleeve swimsuit.

These cuties are still part of the third LOL series, but in the new Pearl Surprise club.

What we like about LOL Pearl Surprise

New ball – packaging (big surprise was getting boring)
Great gift
Your baby can choose one of two colors
2 matching dolls big and small sister in each ball
2 full outfits for the doll (more variety when combined) in each ball
What we don’t like about LOL Pearl Surprise
Always the same dolls in every pearl
Do not use pop in the bathroom due to external coating
High cost

Final verdict

LOL Surprise! Pearl Surprise is a cool, themed toy L.O.L Surprise. The creators of LOL dolls really came up with an interesting version of existing products.

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