L.O.L. SURPRISE series 2

lol series 2 family photo L.o.l Surprise! series1-4

lol series 2 family photo

LOL Dolls Series 2 was released a few months after the record success of the first series.

While Series 1 introduced the super cute LOL dolls, based on all the latest toy trends, the second series expanded the LOL universe with new dolls, new clubs and an improved design.

Here’s what you need to know about Series 2 and how it is better than the first series.

1. Amazing packing of green ball.

But the balls themselves may be green, pink or golden (if the LOL doll is in Glitterati).

2. There are two waves of this series.

In the series 1 45 dolls were presented, in the second – 36, plus babies and secret pupae, that is, more than eighty dolls in total! big sisters go under the numbers from 1 to 36, baby – from 37 to 83.

Each wave has different dolls in it. Below is a table in which you can view the dolls of each wave.

lol list series 2 lil

lol list series 2

The dolls from wave 1 are marked NAPPING in the collector’s sheet.

Balls of the second series 2 wave 1 Bon Bon.

lol series 2 wave 2 bonbon

On the balls of the 2nd wave of the 2nd series are Miss Punk

lol series 2 punk

So why does the wave you buy matter? Various dolls were included in wave 1 and wave 2. If you love more than others, you increase your chance of getting a doll that you love by buying in the right wave.

lol second series

3. Balls of the second series have 7 surprises.

The big Tots dolls have 7 great surprises for your baby:

  • sticker with a secret message
  • water sticker
  • bottle
  • footwear
  • outfit
  • accessory
  • doll

The secret message label is usually the key to the doll included inside. However, we saw a lot of balls in which this was not the case.

lol surprise second series

4. The little sisters of the second series – 5 surprises.

Each of the big dolls has a younger sister. For example, if it is Kitty Queen, Lil’s sister is Lil Kitty Queen. Lil’s sister is stylized like a total doll, except that she wears only a diaper.

lil sisters 2 series

Each sister has 5 surprises:

  1. Secret Sticker
  2. Water sticker
  3. Footwear
  4. Accessory
  5. Doll

You will find that the shoes and accessory that come with your lil sister are too large. If you wear them, he looks cute, but does not fit. This is because the shoe and accessory are of a size suitable for a doll with a big sister. (For some reason, the creators of the L.O.L. dolls thought it was interesting).

lil sisters 2

The younger sisters have a smaller ball and, fortunately, they are cheaper.

lil sisters series 2

5. The design is better than in the first series.

Fortunately, the creators of the L.O.L. dolls improved the production process from series 1 to series 2. Common problems with dolls of series 1 included accessories that were easily copied, the color was erased from the dolls and the color applied was of poor quality (such as lips and eyes).

Most of these problems were solved by Series 2 dolls. However, we did see problems with dolls not getting the correct accessories or missing items.

Overall, however, L.O.L. Dolls Series 2 is better than Series 1.

6. There are four possible water surprises for big sisters.

As in the first series, in the second there are four possible water surprises for big sisters: L.O.L.. You do not know what a surprise it will be until you check the doll.

To check out the surprise dolls L.O.L., pour ice water and:

  • Immerse the doll in water to see if it has changed color.
  • Squeeze the head, place it in the water and fill the doll to see if it is pissing, crying or spitting.

Each doll will have at least 1 water surprise. However, the surprises of the water are NOT the same. So, if you have two Beats dolls, one of them can spit and the other can write.

lol surprise 2 series

7. All little sisters change color.

Immerse your sister in ice water to see her changing color.

8. New clubs have appeared.

L.O.L. Dolls Series 2 brings in 6 new puppet clubs:

  • 24k Gold Club: In this club, Luxe, there is only one cutie, which is the rarest of all L.O.L. dolls.
  • Hip Hop Club: I think the 90s inspired hip-hop with big hoops, overalls and headphones.
  • Cosplay Club: These kids love to change clothes and breaks in their wild outfits.
  • Club Storybook: this club draws inspiration from popular children’s stories. Dolls in the series 2 from Alice in Wonderland.
  • Club Chill Out: L.O.L. dolls inspired by the holidays. For example, there are Posh (Paris holidays) and Cozy Babe (ski trip).
  • Retro club: super cute 1950s classic children of America.

Do not forget about Charm Fizz!

charm fizz lol

In series 2 there are also charms bombs balls for the bathroom with accessories and a sea of ​​pleasure.

Charm fizzes comes with 3 surprises: a tattoo with a ring, a sticker with charm and a ball of pop. With 55 different charms in the entire collection … and they are cheaper than L.O.L. dolls!

Charms can be accessories for L.O.L. Surprise dolls, or they can be added to your baby’s necklace or bracelet. With a L.O.L. Surprise charm bracelet and tattoo, she can show her fashionable side.

lol charm fizz

Charms are available in several colors, and some of the options for the figures:

  1. Perfume bottles
  2. Coffee cups
  3. Baby bottles
  4. Cupcakes
  5. Wallets
  6. Football balls
  7. hamburgers
  8. Pizza
  9. Cell phones
  10. Tennis rocket
  11. books
  12. Other

How does Charm Fizzes work

L.O.L. Surprise Charm Fizzes dissolves in warm water, revealing a charm and a small clasp that you can use to attach it.

Charms come in different colors. They are pink, blue or green, and each color has a unique, fruity flavor and is stamped L.O.L.

The hidden sticker in the first layer is often the key to what will be the last charm. For example, a salad and cheese label is a good indication that the charm will be a cheeseburger.


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