L.O.L Surprise Sparkle series 2019

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In July 2019, the shiny LOL Surprise! Sparkle series goes on sale.

One of the last interesting series of LOL Surprise is LOL Surprise HairFlip. Read the names of dolls and their unpacking here.

What is LOL Surprise Sparkle series?

LOL Surprise Sparkle is a limited edition series of glitter LOL dolls.

These are the characters already beloved by all, from LOL Surprise Confetti POP but completely sprinkled with sparkles.

LOL Surprise Sparkle series packaging

Lol dolls Surprise Sparkle series are hidden in purple balls with silver thread, and the LOL doll Unicorn is depicted on the ball. The most favorite doll of the third series is Lol Surprise.

lol surprise sparkle series unicorn

Check List LOL Surprise Sparkle series

There are 12 dolls in the LOL Surprise Sparkle series collection.

Dolls in this series are not divided into clubs, but it can be incredible, rare and ultra-rare. Open each water puppet’s water surprise – cry, spit, tinkle, or color change.

Here are the names of the characters Lol Surprise Sparkle series:

  • Independent Queen
  • Boss Queen
  • Dusk
  • Dawn
  • Showbaby
  • Unicorn
  • Pharaoh Babe
  • Go-Go Girl
  • Punk Boi
  • Snuggle Babe
  • V.R.Q.T.
  • Glamstronaut
lol surprise sparkle series check list
lol surprise sparkle series 1
lol sparkle series

You may ask why buy this series of dolls if they are repeated. But it is not so. In the LOL Surprise Sparkle series, dolls have different outfits from the same LOL Surprise Confetti POP dolls. For example, look at the LOL Surprise dolls in the third series and below the general photo of the LOL Surprise Sparkle series dolls.

They are different, and even in the Sparlke series, everything is strewn with glitter.

lol surprise confetti pop all dolls

In the LOL Sparkle ball tou get 7 surprises:lol sparkle series 2

  • sticker secret message;
  • stickers of water surprises;
  • bottle;
  • accessory;
  • outfit;
  • footwear;
  • Sparkle lol surprise doll.

Unboxing LOL Surprise Sparkle series

Inside the ball is the same as in Bling New Year’s series. The ball is translucent with a rope. It can be hung on a Christmas tree as a decoration. 

lol surprise sparkle series
lol surprise sparkle series 3
lol surprise sparkle series 4

We get the Dawn LOL Doll. She is amazing – glitter hair, outfit, boos and sunglasses. Look at the picture of Lol Surprise Sparkle doll.

lol surprise sparkle series 1
lol surprise sparkle doll
lol surprise sparkle series

LOL Surprise Sparkle dolls do not have younger sisters, pets and the second wave – this is a limited edition of 2019.

Collect all the LOL dolls from the LOL Surprise Sparkle series for a fun game.

You can buy LOL Surprise Sparkle in online stores (Amazon, Target etc) or toy stores in your city.

One of the last interesting series of LOL Surprise is LOL Surprise HairFlip. Read the names of dolls and their unpacking here.

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  1. Barbara Fiore

    I bought my granddaughter a LOL sparkle series surprise.
    She was so excited. She got the pharaoh babe but there are no shoes. Is there a way we can get the shoes ?

    1. Administrator author

      This is a manufacturing error. can buy on ebay

  2. Lily

    Not worth $10. Purchased 3, and 2 were the same. Will not buy again.

  3. güneş

    there are ne more characters ?

    1. Administrator author

      In this series only 12 dolls

  4. Tiffany

    I want to know what the Green Haired glittery 1 is

  5. star

    wow cool