L.O.L. Surprise!

L.O.L Surprise! Spring Bling – Easter series

Lol surprise spring bling easter series

MGA Entertainment is once again releasing a limited edition LOL doll – LOL Surprise Spring Bling Easter series.

lol surprise spring bling easter image

In this series, there are only two types of balls – LOL Hops doll and LOL surprise Hops Kit Tea. The packaging of the LOL Surprise Spring Bling ball is like a coloring egg and the LOL doll that comes across to you is depicted.

lol surprise spring bling doll 3
lol surprise spring bling doll 2
Lol surprise spring bling limited edition

The LOL doll from the Spring Bling series is similar to the doll from the LOL Surprise Glitter series – Super B.B. or Bunny girls from the second series of Lol Surprise, what do you think? Write in the comments under the article.

Lol surprise spring bling

The doll LOL Surprise has a light dress and cute shoes with a rabbit face. On the head is a hoop with ears. Pet Lol Surprise also looks very cute, we need a pink and white dress, a hoop with rabbit ears and white boots.

Lol surprise spring bling series

The bottle is also in delicate colors, very beautiful.

Lol surprise spring bling 1

Inside the LOL Surprise ball you will find 7 surprise bags. They are hidden in:

Lol surprise spring bling image
lol surprise spring bling doll
  • LOL doll with shiny pink hair
  • outfit
  • boots
  • bottle
  • handbag or capcake
  • hoop
  • sticker sticker with the image of the LOL dolls of the Easter series and their description.
Lol surprise easter series
fitball trainer
Lol surprise spring bling 2

The Lol Surprise spring series release date is 1 April 2020. On Amazon.com Target.com. We will add links as soon as LOL Surprise Spring Bling comes on sale.

By the way, last spring, before Easter, the MGA also released a limited series of two LOL dolls – LOL Surprise Supreme BFFs.

  1. Jewel Gilbert says:

    Do we have an updates on the LOL Surprise Spring Bling Collection? I was thinking they would be released by now.

    1. dolls-admin says:

      not yet, we are also waiting for their release.

  2. Is there only 1 doll in this series? I have 2 girls and don’t want to wastes my money on the same doll

    1. Administrator says:

      Hello! Yes, one girl and one pet – a rabbit in LOL Surprise Spring Bling. This is a special limited edition for Easter. If you have two girls, buy one girl and one pet LOL Surprise Spring Bling Or consider buying other LOL Surprise series.

  3. Due to the coronavirus it is hard to get the lol spring bling doll and pet. i preordered it from walmart .com and few hours later i got a rebate request cancelling my order. What now?

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