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Universe L.O.L. Surprise is a beginner’s guide.

L.O.L. Surprise Dolls – a new toy phenomenon that has swept the whole world. Seriously … world.

So what is a doll L.O.L.? Basically, these are small dolls wrapped in a ball with a surprise. But … they are much more.


The creators of surprise dolls L.O.L. are talented people, because they combine the latest trends in toys in one subject. They include a surprise effect, the need to take care of a doll or pet, a certain storyline for the game, and the excitement of collecting.

If your baby asked to buy a L.O.L. doll or watch countless “unboxing” videos on Youtube, you are probably wondering what it is, what the hype is, and, most importantly, where to buy them.

We hope we will highlight the main answers about the growing doll universe L.O.L.. So let’s get started …

L.O.L. Dolls are surprise toys

L.O.L. Surprise dolls are in a light green ball with a surprise. (The packaging of the 3rd series is yellow.) You cannot see a toy or doll inside the ball once you receive it. The doll depicted on the ball is almost never inside.

lol doll

So what’s the point?

The whole point of surprise toys is that you do not know what is inside. It’s a surprise! Many mothers may be disappointed when buying a toy and not knowing exactly what it is …

But the kids love it!

Children enjoy tension, excitement, wondering what is inside, and then unfold it to find out. The process is called “unboxing”, and they cannot wait to tear off each layer until they reach the doll.

Even if you do not know what is inside the ball, at least you know that it will not be chocolate. Thus, unpacking a L.O.L. doll is healthier than unfolding a Kinder egg.

But wait! Do not throw the ball!

It can be fastened together with an attached plastic chain to create a case for a mini-wallet or a keychain. If you open the ball, one half can be used as a living room for a doll (if you look closely at the plastic, you will see a sofa or a jacuzzi).

The magic ball is perfect as a handbag for little girls who want to bring their own L.O.L..

L.O.L. Dolls can be big sisters (Tots) or Lil Sisters

This moment is REALLY important. REALLY! You do not want to buy the wrong doll!

L.O.L. baby dolls are available in two sizes: big sisters, also called tots and lil sisters.

Big sisters are cute little girls who come with their accessories. L.O.L. sisters usually have hair accessories, outfits (possibly two pieces), shoes and a bottle.

L.O.L. Big Sisters have 7 layers to unpack:

  1. Secret Stickers
  2. Collectible stickers
  3. Small bottle
  4. Footwear
  5. Outfit
  6. Fashionable accessories
  7. Water surprise

Secret message stickers offer a funny little puzzle. Collectible stickers indicate what your doll can do (spit, piss, cry or change color).

Little sisters – babies in diapers. They are created as a small copy that reflects the characteristics and appearance of the big sisters. Little sisters, too, with accessories, large size, suitable big sister L.O.L..

“Sisters” come in green balls with a surprise, just like big ones, but with the inscription Lil Sisters. The ball is also smaller.

L.O.L. lil sisters have 5 layers to unpack:

  1. Secret Stickers
  2. Collectible stickers
  3. Fashion accessory
  4. Great fashion accessory
  5. Color change L.O.L.

Lil is cheaper than big ones, but don’t buy lil if your little girl wants big. She will keep small, but STILL CONTINUES to ask for more …

Lil Outrageous Littles?

You can see L.O.L. dolls named Lil Outrageous Littles. L.O.L. means Lil Outrageous Littles. In the first edition of the dolls, this phrase was written on the package, that is, the doll could cry, spit, be written or change colors. For the subsequent production of Series 1, the words Lil Outrageous Littles were changed to Surprise.

All Lil sisters change colors, but Bigs can do more … Depending on the doll, she has a hole in her mouth, eyes to spit, cry when you squeeze her head, she has a small hole between her legs to urinate, or her hair will change if you put it in ice water.

How is all this possible? How are dolls made L.O.L.?

The head of the L.O.L. doll is made of rubber, so it is flexible. There are two small holes under the eyes for dolls that cry, and the mouth is just a hole, exactly the same bottle size as the doll. The hair is dyed to change color, which reacts to cold water.

The body of the doll is made of hard plastic. Usually L.O.L. dolls are bare, with the exception of socks and boots. Your arms and legs are mobile so you can easily move your doll.

Accessories L.O.L. … more please!

Each L.O.L. doll comes with its own accessories. For big sisters, 2 of 7 layers are accessories; There will be one big and one small accessory.

Large accessories can be hats, headbands, glasses, headbands, cat ears, etc.

Small accessories are usually shoes.

Another “accessory” is a bottle that comes in one of the layers. The bottle is really important because it’s how you get the water into the doll to make it cry, spit or piss.

To fill the bottle, simply squeeze the bottle, hold it inside a small cup of water and release the bottle. It will fill up and then you can squeeze it into the doll’s mouth.

L.O.L. lil sisters come with an oversized accessory to wear, which makes them extra cute but frustrating to many mothers. However, the good news is that this accessory will suit your big sister perfectly, which means that you can wear a big doll with more outfits.

Interchangeable accessories allow you to mix a little and match outfits for a few hours. The dolls will become more interesting and get extra game time … which means more time for you.

L.O.L.s are collectible

Like any well-planned toy universe, L.O.L. dolls are collectible.

What does it mean?

There are not one or two dolls. To ride the wave of popularity, they must be a LOT of dolls.

So, how many L.O.L. dolls need to be collected?

The packing of the ball shows that there are 45 big sisters and 45 younger sisters. This means that there are at least 90 dolls. There is also a recently launched series of pets …

… and now the Confetti Pop series 3 has arrived …

Series 1, Series 2, Confetti Pop, Glitter, Pets!

L.O.L. surprise dolls are available in series.

lol list first series

lol list series 2 lol list series 2 lil

lol confetti pop

lol pets list

lol glitter series

More details about all series, waves L.O.L. Surprise you can read in the sections of our site.

The interest in L.O.L. dolls is so high that an application has been developed! Even for L.O.L.

lol ball pop

The L.O.L. Ball Pop app is a game available for free download on the Apple App Store, on Google Play and on Amazon.

The game is pretty funny … even for parents.

It is also quite simple for 4 year olds.

Basically, players launch small multicolored balls with a surprise at the top of the screen.

As in real life, you can collect more dolls if you play more. Playing an online game is a great way to give your kid a L.O.L. feeling without buying more dolls OR not to see if your child likes L.O.L. before you buy it.

bling series ball lol

L.O.L. Bling series is released just for the New Year holidays!

What is the L.O.L. Bling Series you ask?

This is a new, limited edition of the festive themed L.O.L. Surprise series, similar to the Glitter and Glam Glitter series.

If your baby loves dolls L.O.L. and the festive season, she will probably like this series. Here is our parent guide to L.O.L. Surprise Bling Series so you can find out before you buy

  1. This is a decoration!

lols surprise bling series

We thought that we would start with the main part first of all … Balls and dolls of the L.O.L. Bling series are decorations! Imagine that you have a beautiful Christmas tree with L.O.L. doll pieces hanging from it …

2. Packaging – silver!

3. On the packaging depicts a beautiful Dollface – cutie from the second series.

4. Returns to many favorites of the second series.

5. The L.O.L. Bling series has 7 surprises.

6. In L.O.L. Bling Series there are no sisters-lil.

If your kid likes sisters, she’s not lucky with the Bling Series. There are no younger sisters in this limited edition series. It’s alright, though …

Big sisters are so gorgeous and festive that they are enough for a great mood.

As soon as your baby turns the ball around, she will see that he has 2 halves: one transparent and one light or dark pink. The ball opens easily to reveal decorative paper with silver-filled sackcloths.

While this may seem like a disappointment, it is actually very functional. Remember that the balls of the L.O.L. Bling series are decorations. The ball is only broken in half, so you can easily bring it back. One half of the ball is transparent, so the doll can be placed inside and hung on the Christmas tree. It will twinkle like tinsel and make your Christmas tree super fun!

These beauties series 2 are part of the L.O.L. Bling series:

  • Dollface
  • Honey Bun
  • Pranksta
  • Trouble Maker
  • Pink Baby
  • Beats
  • Sugar Queen
  • Heartbreaker
  • Splash Queen
  • Posh
  • Ice Sk8er
  • Bon Bon


lol under wraps

L.O.L. Surprise Under Wraps Eye Spy is a series of L.O.L. Surprise Series 4.

L.O.L. capsule contains 15 surprises. Yes, you read it right …

15 surprises!

This is what we can find inside Under Wraps Series 4.

  • Secret message
  • Water sticker
  • tattoo
  • bottle
  • footwear
  • outfit
  • accessory
  • doll

Since this series is based on spies, L.O.L. Surprise Under Wraps also has Decoder Spy Glass

lol under wraps glass

More information about the fourth series of L.O.L. is written on our website!