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Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir is a French CGI action/adventure animated series co-produced by Zagtoon and Method Animation, in association with Toei Animation, SAMG Animation, and De Agostini S.p.A. The series features two Parisian teenagers, Marinette Dupain-Cheng and Adrien Agreste, who transform into the superheroes Ladybug and Cat Noir, respectively, to protect the city from supervillains which are created by the supervillain Hawk Moth. It airs in over 150 countries, each with its own order of episodes; this list of episodes will follow the airing order in France (on TFOU).

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In France, the fourth season premiered on 11 April 2021 and on Disney Channel US premiered on 21 June 2021

On 17 March 2021, it was confirmed that the fourth season’s world premiere episode, “Furious Fu”, would be aired in Brazil on Gloob on 23 March 2021.

On 18 April 2021, it was announced that two new seasons, season 6 and season 7, were in production and are slated to premiere between 2023 and 2024.

The fourth season Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir has 19 episodes.

No. Episode  in
Story descriptionU.S. air date
1. “Truth”Gabriel repairs the Peacock Miraculous and unifies it with the Butterfly Miraculous to transform into “Shadow Moth”. Meanwhile, Marinette tries to adjust to her new role as the Guardian of the Miraculouses while also managing her relationship with Luka, but it begins to fracture when she is forced to ditch several of their dates to protect Paris as Ladybug. Hurt by Marinette being unable to tell him the truth behind her disappearances, he falls into despair and is akumatized and amokized into “Truth”, gaining the ability to force people to tell the truth, and a sentimonster, “Light Eye”, who freezes his victims in place. He finds out Jagged Stone is his and Juleka’s father, but not Marinette’s secret. After his defeat, Marinette, unable to handle the stress of lying, breaks up with Luka.21 June 2021

2. “Lies”Adrien’s relationship with Kagami begins to fall apart when he is forced to ditch several of their dates to protect Paris as Cat Noir. In the latest of these incidents, Adrien transforms to protect Ladybug from Truth, and later lies to Kagami that he had to retrieve his lucky charm, unaware that he had actually dropped it earlier and Kagami had found it. She confronts him over his constant lying and, heartbroken, is akumatized by Shadow Moth into “Lies”, a ghost-like villain with the ability to paralyze anyone who has ever lied. After her defeat, Kagami, understanding that Adrien wasn’t being malicious but still hurt by his behavior, breaks off their relationship.22 June 2021
3. “Gang of Secrets”Following her break-up, her growing responsibilities as the Guardian, and having to shut-out her friends and family to protect her secrets, Marinette becomes increasingly overwhelmed and depressed. Worried about Marinette hiding her true feelings, Alya, Juleka, Rose, Alix and Mylène come to her house to talk and give her a friendship bracelet made with beads and almost discover the Miracle Box, forcing her to lash out at them and denounce their friendship to get them to leave. Devastated, Marinette’s friends are akumatized back into Lady Wi-Fi, Reflekta, Princess Fragrance, Timebreaker, and Horrificator as the “Gang of Secrets”, who want to force Marinette to reveal her secrets so they can renew their friendship. Ladybug successfully helps Alya break free from akumatization and recruits her as Rena Rouge to help defeat the others. After the victory, Marinette reconciles with her friends. In private with Alya, unable to shoulder her secrets alone, Marinette reveals her identity as Ladybug.23 June 2021
4. “Mr. Pigeon 72”Now aware of Marinette’s secrets, Alya assists her with Ladybug’s duties. Later, Marinette drags Kagami to the pool, in an attempt to console her after her break-up. There, Bob Roth is filming a new commercial for Gabriel, starring Adrien and Mr. Ramier’s pigeons. Marinette’s efforts inadvertently disrupt the commercial, making Bob unfairly lash out at and fire Mr. Ramier. Shadow Moth re-akumatizes Mr. Ramier into Mr. Pigeon for the 72nd time, with the power to turn people into pigeons. Adrien is transformed by the pigeons, making Ladybug enlist the help of Plagg and Rena Rouge to defeat Mr. Pigeon. Once he has been de-akumatized, Rena Rouge approaches Ladybug, using her investigation of the spellbook to inspire Ladybug to unlock the ability to create “Magical Charms”, which prevent their holders’ re-akumatizations. Soon after, Kagami tells Marinette that she is the one who is really made for Adrien, and the two of them share a moment together in the rain (calling back to “Stoneheart”).24 June 2021
5. “Furious Fu”Marinette meets with a visiting Master Fu and Marianne, who have married and are living together in London. At home, she is confronted by Su-Han, a “Celestial Guardian” of the Miraculouses and Fu’s teacher from when he trained to be a Guardian himself. Dismayed that Marinette and Fu have broken much of his sacred rules, Su-Han takes the Miracle Box, telling her that she is not fit to be the new Guardian, or to protect Paris. When Cat Noir refuses to relinquish his Miraculous on Su-Han’s orders, the heroes attack Su-Han and escape with the Miracle Box. Su-Han attacks Master Fu and steals his cane to pursue the heroes, and the confrontation agitates Fu enough for Shadow Moth to akumatize him into “Furious Fu”, a painter with supernatural kung fu skills and Chinese paper talismans that can bring any concept to life. Ladybug and Cat Noir defeat Furious Fu, impressing Su-Han, making him allow Marinette to continue being the Guardian, also deciding to stay in Paris to learn more about the modern world.25 June 2021
6. “Sole Crusher”Chloé’s half-sister, Zoé Lee, comes to Paris from New York to be with her family. She quickly makes friends with Marinette, but becomes selfish and mean-spirited while around Chloé in order to fit in with her family. Quickly realizing her mistake, Zoé laments to her stepfather about never being able to be herself, and decides to leave behind her prized sneakers in a cellar at the roof of the hotel. Shadow Moth akumatizes the shoes and transforms Zoé into “Sole Crusher”, a sparkly gold supervillain who can grow bigger by stepping on people, who are absorbed into her shoes.26 June 2021
7. “Queen Banana”With help from Thomas Astruc, Mayor Bourgeois and Bob Roth, Marinette’s class begins filming a superhero movie, with Zoé in the leading role. Chloé, jealous of her half-sister’s casting, convinces her father and Roth to allow her to have creative control, taking Zoé’s role. She soon forces numerous rewrites to turn the film into her own personal fantasy, transforming the lead heroine into “Queen Banana” (a pastiche of Queen Bee), with her own banana-themed car, and a giant gorilla supervillain that shoots exploding bananas. Frustrated by the students’ inability to meet her demands, she leaves the set and Marinette convinces her peers to film the original script without Chloé’s interference. Shadow Moth transforms Chloé into an actual Queen Banana, complete with a flying car and a gorilla sentimonster named “Banana Boom-Boom”, all of which can turn people into bananas. Ladybug and Cat Noir try fighting her, but are forced to seek help, causing the former to give Zoé the Bee Miraculous, transforming her into the superheroine “Vesperia”. Together, they defeat Queen Banana, but Chloé refuses to accept Ladybug’s Magical Charm. Zoé tricks her into taking the charm while trying to reconcile with her, which successfully prevents her next akumatization, much to Shadow Moth’s frustration.3 July 2021
8. “Guiltrip”Rose disappears in the middle of class, making a disheartened Juleka reveal that Rose is in the hospital, suffering from a chronic illness, which she has kept secret from everyone else. When Rose returns to school, everyone begins to give her special treatment, which ultimately makes Juleka break down over ruining her relationship with her friends, despite Rose’s attempt to console her. Shadow Moth akumatizes her back into Reflekta, with a sentimonster, “Guiltrip”, that can suck people into an abyss that makes them fall victim to their guilt, which transforms them into copies of Reflekta. Ladybug and Cat Noir are sucked into Guiltrip, where they see Rose successfully fighting off the guilt. Realizing Rose can help them, Ladybug grants her the Pig Miraculous, transforming her into the superheroine “Pigella”, whose Gift can show a target their heart’s greatest desire.10 July 2021
Marinette continues to avoid Luka after their break-up, prompting their friends to bring them together at Luka and Juleka’s birthday party. A visiting Jagged Stone continues to try and spend time with his children much to Anarka’s disapproval. At the party, Luka is saddened by Marinette avoiding him and Juleka feels overwhelmed by her inability to speak up, making them both targets for Shadow Moth until their friends are able to comfort them. Jagged tries to give his children an album from his and Anarka’s former band, Crocoduo, and ends up in an argument with her. Shadow Moth akumatizes them back into Guitar Villain and Captain Hardrock as “Crocoduel”, and the two villains fight one another in the sky causing destruction across Paris. To stop their battle, Ladybug recruits Juleka with the Tiger Miraculous, transforming her into the superheroine “Purple Tigress”, whose power is a powerful “Clout”. Once the villains are defeated, Juleka speaks up to her parents to get them to forgive each other. Marinette and Luka reconcile, deciding to remain friends.30 October 2021
10.”Optigami”Ever since Chloé revealed the temporary Miraculous holders’ identities in “Miracle Queen”, Gabriel and Nathalie have been tracking them with the spy camera sentimonster “Optigami”. Gabriel hatches an elaborate plan; at a staged award ceremony, he uses a sentimonster copy of Alec Cataldi to rile up Audrey Bourgeois, turning her back into Style Queen. She eliminates all the invited guests, who are the temporary Miraculous holders. Marinette and Adrien end up trapped together in an elevator, unable to transform, making the former call the horse kwami, Kaalki, to bring Alya to Marinette’s house. Alya grabs the Fox, Bee, and Turtle Miraculouses, giving the latter to “Nino” (replaced by a sentimonster copy), transforming him into a “Senti-Carapace”. Using the Bee Miraculous, Ladybug transforms into “LadyBee”, and with Senti-Carapace’s help, she defeats Style Queen. However, when “Nino” fails to do his secret handshake with Alya, Ladybug realizes the deception and has Cat Noir destroy the Turtle Miraculous, releasing Optigami. Once everything has been restored, Marinette, understanding she needs an ally who can help her in a tight situation, permanently entrusts Alya with the Fox Miraculous.17 July 2021
11. “Sentibubbler”Marinette has a nightmare in which Alya reveals her secret identity and betrays her to Shadow Moth, allowing him to acquire the Miracle Box. To prevent this, she goes to Alya’s house and tells her about the dream, though Alya ensures her she will never betray her trust. After the talk, Shadow Moth calls Alya, addressing her as Rena Rouge, and reveals that he has captured her family, Nino, and then Marinette using “Sentibubbler”, a sentimonster copy of the Bubbler. To ensure their safety, Shadow Moth demands she betray Ladybug and Cat Noir by luring them into a trap and surrender the Fox Miraculous to him, or else the bubbles will be sent to space. Instead, Alya secretly transforms into Rena Rouge and uses several illusions to fool him, also allowing Marinette to safely transform and unify with the Horse Miraculous to become “Pegabug”. After escaping the bubble, Pegabug briefly takes control of Sentibubbler before Shadow Moth dispells him, and saves Alya’s family from falling. Alya tells Marinette that Shadow Moth now believes that Rena Rouge will never be called on again, reaffirming her that the nightmare will never happen.24 July 2021
12. “Rocketear”Alya continues to use the Fox Miraculous in hiding to act as “Rena Furtive” and protect Ladybug and Cat Noir. To ensure that her operation isn’t compromised, Marinette has Alya lie to Nino about no longer using a Miraculous, which, along with a series of coincidences, begins to convince him that Alya has fallen in love with Cat Noir. To prove this belief to Adrien, Nino begins a film noir-styled investigation, culminating in him recording Cat Noir and Alya flirting together; in actuality, Cat Noir is making sure Alya isn’t in love with him. Nino presents his findings to Adrien the next day, and in the process reveals his and Alya’s identities as Carapace and Rena Rouge. Shadow Moth takes advantage of Nino’s emotions to akumatize him into “Rocketear”, who can throw exploding tears from his eyes. With help from Rena Furtive, Ladybug reveals the truth about the video, allowing Nino to reject Shadow Moth’s influence. Afterwards, Adrien begins to question Ladybug allowing Nino and Alya to know each other’s identities despite her rules, while Alya tells Nino about her being Rena Furtive.31 July 2021
13. “Mega Leech”Mayor Bourgeois unveils “Project Oxygen”, which will cut down the trees at the Place des Vosges and replace them with an artificial air filter. Mylène and Ivan protest against this, rallying up support from the rest of their class. When Marinette points out the flaws in the plan and Mylène advocates for better solutions, the people of Paris quickly turn against Project Oxygen, humiliating Mayor Bourgeois. Shadow Moth akumatizes and amokizes the Mayor back into Malediktator, who, with his sentimonster “Mega Leech”, splits himself into thousands of tiny clones, complete with akumas and amoks, in order to take over the minds of every Parisian. To defeat them all, Ladybug recruits Mylène with the Mouse Miraculous, allowing her to become “Polymouse”. Ladybug then recruits Vesperia, Carapace, Ryuko and Pegasus; using their combined powers, they defeat Mega Leech. Mayor Bourgeois makes the right decision and decides to instead plant more trees. However, Gabriel, who partly financed the project, is angry that Adrien “took a stand against him” by joining the protest14 August 2021
14. “Wishmaker”Paris hosts a careers expo which Marinette visits, unsure of what she wants to do in the future. There, she meets Luka and then Adrien (who is also undecided about his future, not wanting to do what his parents want him to do anymore); Luka advises them to listen to their hearts and do what they love. While hosting a show mocking “useless” careers at the expo, Alec Cataldi suffers a breakdown, realizing that he has wasted his own career and dreams. Shadow Moth akumatizes Alec into “Wishmaker”, who turns people into living versions of their childhood dreams. Ladybug recruits Viperion for the battle, where both she and Cat Noir get hit by Wishmaker, revealing their secret identities. Viperion erases both of these moments and allows the heroes to defeat Wishmaker, keeping his knowledge of their secret identities to himself. Marinette decides to fulfill all of her dreams at once and Adrien decides that it’s okay not to know what he wants to do in the future. Alec begins hosting a new show to help people rather than mock them while also living out his own childhood dream.7 August 2021
15. “Hack-San”Marinette leaves with her parents for London to visit her aunt Shu Yin over the weekend. Because of this, she entrusts Alya with her Miraculous to ensure Paris is protected. Wanting to akumatize Markov again, Shadow Moth creates a sentimonster, “Hack-San”, a living thumb drive infected with a computer virus. Hack-San gives Markov negative emotions, allowing Shadow Moth to re-akumatize him into Robostus, with the new ability to brainwash people and force them to give up their most prized possession. Alya uses the Ladybug Miraculous to transform into “Scarabella”, and defeats Robostus with the help of Marinette and an initially-skeptical Cat Noir. Later, Ladybug meets with Cat Noir to apologize for her absence. Cat Noir confesses that he thinks Ladybug is going to leave him some day, but she quickly assures him otherwise.13 November 2021
16. “Simpleman”Marinette has to babysit Manon, Ella, Etta, and Chris, but she finds it too difficult to keep them all quiet. When Adrien calls her to help him with a photoshoot, she takes the kids to her grandfather Rolland’s house. The shoot gives her an opportunity to perform a complicated plan to propose to him, but Rolland’s frustration with the kids, as well as the complexity of the modern world, allows Shadow Moth to akumatize him into “Simpleman”, who can simplify people’s minds. Simplified, Ladybug and Cat Noir have trouble fighting the villain, but the kids, seemingly unaffected, think up a plan for them. After Simpleman is defeated, Marinette decides to confess to Adrien straightforwardly, but she still doesn’t say it straight.16 October 2021
“Glaciator 2”
Ladybug and Cat Noir fight Glaciator, convinced that the two are in love, a sentiment shared by Cat Noir and the rest of Paris, as they have been voted “Couple of the Year”. However, Ladybug doesn’t believe it, which annoys Cat Noir. She forces Alya to delete photos of them together while Cat Noir destroys all the billboards featuring them. Adrien’s anger and sadness almost makes him a target for Shadow Moth, but Marinette calms him down with an ultimately failed confession. Later, she decides to rehearse confessing to Cat Noir by reading a script. It goes awkwardly, but they go on a date at the movies. André the ice cream man sees them, and, still believing Cat Noir should be in love with Ladybug, gets akumatized by Shadow Moth back into Glaciator. The superheroes work together to defeat him, then Marinette decides to confess to Cat Noir straight from her heart.6 November 2021
18. “Dearest Family”Shadow Moth learns how to create “megakumas” capable of destroying the Magical Charms. To celebrate Three Kings Day, Tom, Sabine, and Rolland bake king cake galettes. Tikki finds herself addicted to them, much to the chagrin of Marinette and the other kwamis. When Gina visits, the family quickly falls into an argument, allowing Shadow Moth to re-akumatize Tom, Gina, and Rolland into Weredad, Befana, Bakerix, as well as Sabine into “Qilin”, who join forces as “Dearest Family”. Ladybug and Cat Noir try to fight them, but Ladybug gets overpowered by Tikki’s hunger, and is forced to detransform. Tikki begins eating every galette in Paris, and uses her creation powers to create a giant floating galette the size of the city, prompting Cat Noir to use his “space” powerup to destroy it. Marinette helps Tikki control herself, then defeats Dearest Family with Cat Noir’s help; afterwards, her family stops fighting. Later, Gabriel reveals that he will use the Miraculouses to destroy the world and create a new one where he and Emilie are together.23 October 2021
19 “Ephemeral”What would happen if Ladybug and Cat Noir discovered their secret identities? To beat a villain, Ladybug calls on nine superheroes when all she needed was Cat Noir and his cataclysm. But she couldn’t call the latter, as she still doesn’t know his secret identity. The Celestial Guardian of the Miraculous decides that this situation cannot go on. It is too dangerous to leave Cat Miraculous in the wild with a stranger. If Ladybug wants to remain Guardian, she must find a way to tell Master Su-Han who really Cat Noir is. Someone must know, to control. Faced with this ultimatum, what will Ladybug do?
This is the 100th episode in the production order of the show.
27 November 2021

Where to Watch Ladybug and Cat Noir

Ladybug Season season 4
  • What Network: Disney Channel
  • How To Watch Miraculous Season 4 without Cable: You can watch episodes of Miraculous Ladybug Season 4 though a streaming service that carries Disney Channel. Those include fuboTV (1-week Free Trial), Hulu Live TV (1-week free trial), Sling TV, Vidgo, DIRECTV Stream, and YouTube TV. With these services you can watch new episodes of season 4 when they air, on demand, or record them with your chosen streaming services cloud DVR.
  • Season 4 on Disney+: Roughly 30 days after an episode airs on Disney Channel, they are avaialble to stream on-demand through Disney+.
  • Where To Watch Seasons 1-3: Season 1-3 are currently available on-demand through Netflix

YouTube TV is another way to watch Season 4 of Wonders: Tales of Ladybug and Noir . They stream the Disney Channel and more than 85 other channels with three simultaneous streams and a personal cloud video recorder. It all costs $64.99 a month. YouTube TV supports Android, iOS (including streaming to Apple TV) and Chromecast / Chromecast compatible TVs. YouTube TV offers a free trial .

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