Little People Advent Calendar – Review

fisher price little people advent calendar

Каждую зиму дети всего мира очень ждут волшебный праздник – Рождество!

Already at the beginning of December the preparation and bustle with gifts and decorations starts.

How to explain to children how long to wait for the cherished day?

Calendar countdown is created just to make the expectation of the holiday interesting, and at the same time to make your baby understand how many days left until Christmas.

There are a lot of Advent calendars and I made a review of the most popular ones on this site. For example, the New Year’s children’s calendar, LOL Surprise Advent Calendar – 2020, Funko Advent Calendar 2020 – [Overview] Top 6 calendars and Advent Calendar for Christmas Melissa&Doug – review

Many parents love Fisher Price toys, and figures of little people deserve special attention. They are very high quality, cute and with them a lot of role-playing games can be invented and bought.

This review is dedicated to an interesting Little People countdown calendar Advent.

Advent calendar Fisher-Price Little People

Contents Advent Calendar Little People

Christmas calendar with Little people figures will help your baby to count down the days to Christmas fun.

Open a new door every day, take out a figure of little men or their accessories and play with them.

Already on December 24 you will have a large set of 24 Fisher Price little people:

  • St. Nick
  • packaged gifts
  • Mrs. Klaus
  • snowman
  • decorated Christmas tree
  • deer
  • elf and much more.
advent calendar little people fisher price

Create game scenes with figures of Little people Advent calendar Fisher Price .

Fisher-Price Little People Calendar Advent Features


A lot of fun and games will bring on Christmas Advent calendar Little People.

Your children will have a lot of fun opening a new door every day and find a surprise.

Gather all the characters of Little People and play with the figures. So many stories can be created.


  • Advent calendar Fisher Price Little People develops fine motor visual coordination when they pull out and move figures and accessories.
  • development of imagination. Compose or help to come up with stories with small elves, a santa and a snowman for your child.
  • learn to count. The doors of Fisher Price Little People calendar Advent are numbered from 1 to 24. This is a great way to learn the numbers, the score from 1 to 24 and back. Study will be fun and interesting!
advent calendar little people

Buy Fisher Price Little People Advent calendar on Amazon, Target, Walmart. Check the price of Advent Calendar Little People on Amazon.

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