LOL OMG Movie Magic

LOL surprise OMG Movie Magic L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G. dolls

Every year, in the fall, MGAE presents a themed series of LOL Surprise dolls.
In 2020, the LOL Surprise Remix series of dolls was a phenomenon! There was a clip for the single Remix, a new series of dolls with musical instruments and real music records, which you can play and create your own music!

MGAE loves to delight and amaze, which is why the LOL Surprise OMG Movie Magic series awaits us in the fall of 2021. I’m sure it will be an amazingly amazing series of dolls!

The names of four LOL OMG dolls from the Movie Magic series are known

Each doll is adorable and unique, with two stage characters and 25 surprises inside.

Galaxy Gurl

LOL OMG Movie Magic galaxy gurl doll
lol omg galaxy gurl


LOL OMG Movie Magic starlette

Spirit Queen

LOL OMG Movie Magic

Miss Direct

LOL OMG Movie Magic doll

By assembling a collection of LOL OMG Movie Magic dolls, you get all the movie scenes!

The price of LOL OMG Movie Magic dolls will be around $30.

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