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LOL Surprise Advent Calendar – 2020

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By tradition, every year on Christmas Day toy companies produce Advent calendars.

In 2019, I think there was a record for the number of cool surprise calendars. See the article aboutAdvent Calendars for Christmas here. You will find an Advent calendar for all tastes of age and interest!)

MGAE released the first LOL Surprise Advent calendar in 2018.

In 2019, there was also an Advent calendar with a doll LOL Surprise. We made a video review for two calendars, you can see it is very interesting. Compare outfits and accessories, their colors and style are very different from each other.

What is the LOL Surprise Advent Calendar?

The idea behind the LOL Surprise Calendar Advent is that 25 days before Christmas or any other event, you can start to open the surprises in the windows to brighten up the expectation of the holiday.

You must open the Advent calendar on December 1, and the 25th will get the last surprise out of it.

The previous two years of the LOL Surprise Calendar were called LOL Surprise #OOTD.

What does LOL Surprise #OOTD mean?

It stands for #OOTD as “Outfit of the day”. Because every day when you open the calendar window, you find a new outfit for the LOL Surprise doll.

On the package of LOL Surprise in 2020 the name is not #OOTD, but Advent Calendar.

lol advent calendar 2020

Also on the box says that there are 25 surprises waiting for you inside and a photo doll her name is TrickstaBB.

Each year the styles of LOL Surprise calendars are different, as are the dolls inside.

LOL Surprise Advent Calendar 2020 is already available for ordering.

Check the price on Amazon.com so it may change every day.

Features LOL Surprise Advent Calendar 2020

lol surprise advent calendar 2020 surprises

Open the lid of the LOL Surprise Advent Calendar box and under your heart you will find a sticker with the image of a doll – Tricksta B.B.

Loves to make all her BFFs laugh, but she never jokes about fashion. With bold mix & match looks, she’s solving the riddle of looking fierce.

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Tricksta B.B. is really very bright and fashionable. It is said to be ultra-rare. I wonder what kind of water surprise she has? Discover all her fashionable outfits, shoes and stylish accessories. Mix and combine an infinite number of outfits. Fun for Christmas is ensured!

trickstabb advent calendar

Unpacking LOL Surprise Advent Calendar 2020

Unpacking is different from previous LOL Surprise calendars. Under the cover of LOL Surprise Advent Calendar you will see a podium by number 1, i.e. first you will open the doll.

lol advent calendar
lol surprise advent calendar 2020 30

The other surprises are numbered but hidden at the sides of the box. Follow the numbers and find a new surprise every day.

25 surprises inside LOL Advent Calendar

On the first day of December you will open the LOL Surprise Tricksta B.B. doll. It comes in a drawn swimsuit and tights.

Stylish shoes, lots of accessories (jewelry, glasses bottle), outfits, swimwear – all this will surely please you and your child!

Advent calendar LOL Surprise 2020 is a great present for a doll fan. Dresses and accessories can be used for other LOL Surprise dolls from your collection.

The game with LOL Surprise Advent Calendar 2020 will be very exciting, long and varied!

LOL Surprise Advent Calendar 2020 is already available for ordering.

Check the price on Amazon so it may change every day.

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