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Lol Surprise All Star B.B.s – preview

lol surprise all star package

Meet new collecteble dolls – LOL Surprise All-Star B.B.S.

What is LOL Surprise All-Star B.B.s?

It is a collection of dolls – Baseball Sparkly dolls, two basketball teams.
It’s a collection of Heart Breakers vs Lucky stars teams.

lol surprise all star lucky stars
lol surprise all heart breakers

LOL Surprise All-Star B.B.S. Package

The dolls are hidden in a white ball showing two dolls – captain of Heart Breakers and Lucky Stars.

lol surprise all star bbs
lol surprise all star ball

LOL Surprise All-Star B.B.S. dolls.

The captain of the Heart Breakers team is a girl with golden shiny hair, pink attire and baseball cap.
And the captain of Lucky stars is a blonde in a blue outfit and glasses.
The outfit and the hair of the dolls in glitter.

In the Lol Surprise All-Star series 12 dolls:

lol surprise all star bbs checklist
lol surprise all star unboxing 24
lol surprise all star dolls

Surprises LOL Surprise All-Star B.B.S.

There are 8 surprises waiting for you in LOL Surprise All-Star B.B.s. ball:
Secret Message
Trading Cards
baseball glove
a doll.
Feed the doll with water and find out what her water surprise is.

lol surprise all star surprises

How much is the LOL Surprise All-Star B.B.s. doll

You can check the price for Amazon, the recommended price is $17.
You can buy LOL Surprise All-Star B.B.s in Amazon, Target and other stores.

lol surprise all star bbs dolls

LOL Surprise All Star B.B.s Unboxing

LOL All Star BBs dolls come in white balls with the image of two teams’ baseball players dolls – blue and pink.

As the arrow shows, pull down the lock and remove the plastic layers of the packaging.

Plastic packaging is recyclable.

Inside you will see a ball – like a baseball white ball.

Inside the LOL Surprise All Star ball, you will find all the surprises hidden in pink and blue wrapping paper. Stickers with secret messages, a photo of the team captain, a checklist, accessories and a doll – all this awaits you in the LOL Surprise All Star ball.

Buy LOL Surprise All-Star BBs dolls you can on Amazon, Target, Walmart and so on.

  1. DUSKO MARJAN says:

    Kako se mogu poručiti Lol Stars B.B.s?

    1. Administrator says:

      We will add links to the store where you can buy LOL Surprise all Star

  2. hi! these are so cute and i can’t wait to collect them all!

  3. My daughter and I were thinking of starting a routine channel about lol dolls. Since she is absolutely obsessed and knows alot about them. How would we go about doing something like that?

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