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Lol Surprise All Star B.B.s – preview

lol surprise all star package

Meet new dolls LOL Surprise All-Star B.B.S.

What is LOL Surprise All-Star B.B.s?

It is a collection of dolls – athletes, two basketball teams.
It’s a collection of Heart Breakers vs Lucky stars.

lol surprise all star lucky stars
lol surprise all heart breakers

LOL Surprise All-Star B.B.S. Package

The dolls are hidden in a white ball showing two dolls – captain of Heart Breakers and Lucky Stars.

lol surprise all star bbs
lol surprise all star ball

LOL Surprise All-Star B.B.S. dolls.

The captain of the Heart Breakers team is a girl with golden shiny hair, pink attire and baseball cap.
And the captain of Lucky stars is a blonde in a blue outfit and glasses.
The outfit and the hair of the dolls in glitter.

In the Lol Surprise All-Star series 12 dolls:

lol surprise all star bbs checklist
lol surprise all star dolls

Surprises LOL Surprise All-Star B.B.S.

There are 8 surprises waiting for you in LOL Surprise All-Star B.B.s. ball:
team sticker
baseball glove
a doll.
Feed the doll with water and find out what her water surprise is.

lol surprise all star surprises

How much is the LOL Surprise All-Star B.B.s. doll

You can check the price for Amazon, the recommended price is $17.
You can buy LOL Surprise All-Star B.B.s in Amazon, Target and other stores.

lol surprise all star bbs dolls

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