L.O.L. Surprise!

LOL Surprise B.T.W. Be Tweens – New MGAE Dolls

LOL Surprise BTW Be Tweens

In July 2021 you will be able to buy LOL Surprise BTW!

Do you love new LOL Surpise dolls as much as we do?
This summer you will see something new! Now there will be even more LOL Surprise dolls to collect!

What does B.T.W. mean?

LOL Surprise BTW – the new teenage dolls. They are older and taller than the LOL Surprise Tots, but younger and lower than the LOL Surprise O.M.G. dolls.

BTW – stands for Between, that is, the three consonantal letters of the word “between”.

LOL Surprise BTW Freshest doll unpack

LOL Surprise B.T.W. Dolls height.

6 inches – 15 cm, LOL Surprise BTW lower than LOL OMG by 9 cm. And shorter than Nanana Surprise dolls ! The clothes of these dolls will not fit LOL BTW, so for variety and fun games buy a collection of several dolls – combine and mix outfits!

LOL Surprise BTW – the older sister of Lol Surprise Tots

lol btw lil sis
lol surprise btw lil sis
lol surprise btw sis

The names of LOL Surprise B.T.W. dolls.

The first series of LOL Surprise Be Tweens has 4 dolls!

Cherry B.B

Hoops Cutie


Fancy Gurl

15 surprises inside LOL BTW

Unpack the LOL Surprise BTW and you will receive:

  • LOL BTW doll already dressed up
  • purse
  • glasses
  • shoes
  • accessory
  • stand
  • jacket
  • the book
  • Cardboard boxes for shoes and accessories.

The price of LOL Surprise BTW will be around $20.

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