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L.O.L Surprise! Boys series 2

lol surprise boys series 2

If you love LOL Surprise dolls, then you are definitely looking forward to a new LOL boys series 2.
Have you already collected a collection of LOL boys of the first series? You can read here about the first series of boys LOL Surprise.

In this article we will talk about LOL Surprise boys series 2. These are the brothers of your favorite LOL Surprise dolls. Now you can collect families of LOL dolls.

Boys LOL Surprise 2 – Anatomically correct

This is the first thing parents should know before buying LOL Surprise boys.

When your child opens the Surprise Doll Package, he or she will see the male reproductive organs and focus on it. If you are ready to talk about how boys are different from girls, then dare to buy LOL Surprise boys.

The LOL Surprise Boys Ball – series 2

The packaging for the new LOL Surprise Boys series is blue (the first series is blue). The packaging shows a boy from Cosplay Club – Neon Guy. Very bright neon boy. He is rare!

lol boys 2 ball
LOL Surprise Boys series 2
lol surprise boys series 2 8
lol surprise boys series 2 30
lol surprise boys series 2 29

LOL Surprise Boys 2 family

You guessed what family this LOL boy is from? Very bright and glamorous family LOL Surprise in full strength!) LOL Surprise OMG Neonlicious is our favorite. You can read about it here. This boy LOL from the second series – Neon Guy does not change color. He has a hairstyle like real, soft orange hair.

lol surprise boys series 2 3
lol surprise boys series 2 9

Every boy in LOL Surprise Series 2 has a sister, except the new pianist boy:

  • Piano King = he doesn’t have a family yet
    Captain Q.B. = Cheer Captain from Series 1
  • Dribbles = Hoops MVP from Series 1
  • Beach Boi = Surfer Babe from Series 1
  • Bro Cheer = Sis Cheer from Series 4 Eye Spy Under Wraps
  • Mod Boi = Go-go Gurl from Series 3 Confetti Pop
  • Neon Guy = Neon Q.T. from Series 2
  • Swaggie = M.C. Swag from Series 1
lol surprise boy 2 family
lol surprise boy family
lol surprise boy 2 family 1

LOL Surprise Boys 2 Surprises

lol surprise boys 2

In each LOL Surprise Boys ball, 7 surprises await you:

  • sticker with a secret message;
  • stickers with water surprises;
  • a bottle;
  • accessory;
  • shoes;
  • outfit;
  • boy LOL Surprise.
lol surprise boy water surprises

LOL Surprise Boys 2 Collection and Names

In total, the LOL Surprise Boys series 2 collection has 8 boys. They are divided into clubs.

LOL surprise boys series 2 1

The Gliterrati

Piano King – Ultra-rare boy LOL Surprise. Glasses of various shapes, golden hair and outfit, all in sparkles. Behind him are silver wings. Does he not remind you of Elton John?)

Athletic Club

 Captain Q.B., His water surprise – spits. This boy plays American football, so he needs a helmet with a fastener, chest protection, and the bottle is very similar to a ball.

lol  surprise boys series 2 23
lol surprise boys series 2 28


a popular boy, an athlete, a tennis player, with a pacifier, a bandage on his head, two bracelets so that his hands would not hurt. His water surprise is being written.

lol surprise boys series 2 5 2
lol surprise boys series 4

 Beach Boi

popular boy lol. His water surprise – changes color, namely hair. This boy is dressed in a bright outfit and classy asymmetric glasses.

lol surprise boys series 2 19
lol surprise boys series 2 5

BRO Cheer

the popular boy lol. Brunette with brown hair and also an athlete. And he has a LOL family Surprise. This boy’s water surprise is changing color. He becomes blonde, and the blue outfit turns pink.

lol surprise boys series 2 12
lol surprise boys series 2 14

Retro Club

WOD Boi – popular lol surprise

Cosplay Club

Neon Guy – rare lol boy . We wrote about it at the beginning of the article.

Glee Club

 Swaggie – Fashionable boy. Water surprise – spits. Fashionable outfit, golden chain and golden glasses. Very stylish retro hairstyle.

lol surprise boys series 2 3 2
lol surprise boys 4

Check List LOL Boys 2

Not all LOL Surprise 2 boys are rare – there are still fancy, popular and ultra-rare boys LOL.

lol boys series 2 check list
LOL surprise boys series 2 2
lol surprise boys series 2 25
lol surprise boys series 2 27
lol surprise boys series 2 30

How to draw LOL Surprise boy?

I made a video of how to draw a LOL boy, you can watch my three videos here.

If you want the LOL boy Surprise series one, it’s about them here.

And the LOL boy is Punk Boy LOL Surprise Confetti POP.

Boys LOL Surprise series 2 will be available in mid-December 2019 at Amazon, Target, Walmart.
Which LOL Surprise boy did you like the most? The first or second series of LOL Surprise is more interesting?

The LOL Surprise Glitter globe series also has a LOL boy.

And the whole world of LOL Surprise dolls fans is waiting for LOL OMG Boy. There are a couple of photos in the network, but we are waiting for the official release and will definitely share information and photos with you.

LOL Surprise 2 series boys can be bought at Amazon, Target, Walmart.

Size3,75 х 3,75 х 3,75 inches
Weight3,87 ounces
How many LOL dolls BOYS 28
LOL Surprise Confetti Pop, Lol Surprise Underwraps
Lol Surprise Glitter Globe
Mfg Recommended age6 – 8 years
Customer Reviews4.7 out of 5 stars
Release date3 december 2019
ManufacturerMGA Entertainment, Inc.

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