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LOL Surprise Boys – series 3

lol boys series 3 ball

Summer 2020 is the release of many new LOL Surprise products, including LOL Surprise Boys series 3.

LOL Boys 3 are anatomically correct.

I think it’s an important fact about the LOL Surprise boys that you should know. Not all parents are ready to talk about sexual differences between boys and girls.

LOL Surprise Boys are the brothers of your LOL dolls.

Wrapping LOL Surprise Boys 3

As in previous series of boys LOL Surprise Packaging is a ball, but in the third series it is a bright yellow-green color.

lol surprise boys ball

On the package image of the boy LOL Surprise – lol boy Far Out.

Collection and names of boys LOL Surprise 3 series

There are 12 boys in the third series of LOL Boys.

Every LOL BOY 3 is a member of the club.

lol surprise boys check list

LOL Surprise Boys in the third series can be popular, fashionable, rare and ultra-rare. Every boy has a water surprise – he can pee, cry, spit or change color.

lol surprise boys series 3

The Glitterati club:

Purple Reign (brother of Purple Queen)

lol surprise boys purple reign
picture from @ponythshops
lol surprise boys 3

Opposite Club:

Sweet Guy (brother of Shugar) and Spicy Kid (brother of Spice) “Angel and demon”

lol surprise 3 boys doll

Athletic Club:

Slugger (brother of Short Stop) and Cleats brother of Kicks )

lol surprise boys cleats
picture from @ponythshops
lol surprise boys slugger
picture from @ponythshops

Retro Club:

Slick (brother of Cherry ) and Far Out (brother of Foxy )

lol surprise boys slick and far out
picture from @ponythshops

Theater Club:

Dreamy Dude (brother of Unicorn) and Pharaoh Bro (brother of Pharaoh Babe)

lol surprise boys dreamy dude

Glee Club:

Honey Boi (brother of Honey Bun), Steezy (brother of Grunge Grrl ), Bye Bye Boi brother of Twang)

lol surprise boys 3 doll
lol surprise boys steezy
picture from @ponythshops

As you can see, with LOL Surprise boys 3, you can collect a whole family of LOL Surprise dolls.

Surprises LOL Surprise boys 3

lol surprise boys surprises

When unpacking the LOL Surprise boys you will find 7 surprises:

  • secret message sticker
  • bottle
  • shoes
  • accessory
  • outfit
  • stickers
  • LOL doll Boy

Unpacking LOL Surprise boys 3

Take off all layers of the LOL Surprise Boys 3 ball, open the wrapping paper and you will see all the surprises and the LOL Surprise Boy of the third series. Dress him up and he’s ready to play with your LOL Surprise dolls.

LOL Surprise Boys release date is summer 2020.

Buy boys LOL Surprise can be in online shops in your country. Like Amazon, Walmart, Target. The second and first series of LOL Surprise boys can be viewed on our site by clicking on the link.

  1. Adrian Ariza Diaz says:

    I really liked the series 3 surprise lol I would like to have the complete collection but I have no money and they are expensive in my country.

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