LOL Surprise Dance car with an exclusive doll!

new lol surprise dance lights car L.O.L Surprise! New

The LOL Surprise Dance Machine is a great gift for girls because it includes an exclusive doll, a surprise pool, and a dance floor. Especially beautiful in the dark in the light of the lantern.

lol surprise dance car with pool

Have a real light-music party in the car pool!

Yes, yes – it is possible with the LOL Surprise Dance machine. In 2020, you saw theLOL Surprise Car Pool Coupe.

The LOL Surprise 2021 car is similar in design and features. But there are differences.

LOL Surprise doll included

lol surprise dance machine car

The LOL Surprise Dancebot from the LOL Surprise Lights Glitter series will keep you company for a fun game!

The pool is removable

To fill the pool, take it out of the LOL Surprise Dance Machine, fill it with water and put it back in. Put on some music and have a party.

Headlights glow like the real thing!

LOL Surprise Dance Machine is thoughtfully designed

  • The car seats are adjustable and look very stylish
  • headlights extend and illuminate the road
  • Seat belts like the real thing
  • mirrors fold out
  • opening drawer, real cup holder, real keys and much more.

LOL Surprise Dance Machine fits both LOL Surprise dolls and LOL Surprise OMG dolls.

Incredibly bright and fancy car color, surprise bags with fun unpacking is a great gift for girls!

Buy the LOL Surprise Dance Machine for more fun and varied play!

LOL Surprise OMG Dance dolls are already available to order. Read our guide here before you buy these dolls.

There is also a car for NaNaNa Surprise dolls, info here.

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