LOL Surprise Dance Dance – new doll series 2021

lol surprise dance dance dance L.O.L. Surprise!

The second series of LOL Surprise Lights dolls is called the LOL Surprise Dance Dance!

You can get LOL Surprise Dance Dance Dance dolls here.

What’s new?

In 2021, we learn how to dance with LOL Surprise dolls! You can learn new dance moves with LOL OMG Dance Dance and with LOL Surprise tots Dance dolls!

The packaging color of the entire LOL Surprise Dance series and the fourth LOL Surprise boys series is blue!

The color of the ball is green and the LOL Surprise Dance ball is much bigger than regular lol surprise balls!

A rotating dance floor and movement map!

Unpack the LOL Surprise Dance and get your doll’s move card, follow her instructions and repeat the doll’s moves on the dance floor!

Like the first LOL Surprise Lights series, the LOL Surprise Dance Dance dolls glow in the dark with the flashlight included with the doll!

lol surprise dance spining dance floor

Collect disco LOL Surprise Dance&Lights

The LOL Surprise Dance Dolls collection features dancers with a microphone, boombox, and headphones. As well as dolls in bright outfits representing a particular dance style.

All the dolls on the rotating dance floor, glow in ultraviolet light, so the disco will be bright!

lol surprise dance doll

8 surprises inside!

lol surprise dance 8 surprises

When you open the ball with LOL Surprise Dance dolls you get 8 surprises:

  1. dance move card
  2. stylish bottle
  3. dance accessory
  4. outfit
  5. shoes
  6. flashlight
  7. LOL Surprise Doll
  8. rotating dance floor

New LOL Surprise Dance Dance Dolls

lol surprise dance dance dance dolls

The dolls are divided into categories:

  1. Channel 5
  2. channel 6
  3. channel 7
  4. channel 8

and by popularity:

  • MC
  • Old School
  • New shool

Check-List LOL Surprise Dance Dance Dance

lol surprise dance dance dance check list
lol surprise dance check list

LOL Surprise Dance Dance Dance doll’s names

  • Phenom B.B. – boy
  • Radio Queen
  • Bae Wheels
  • Turnstep B.B.
  • Rhythm Empress
  • Freestyle
  • M.C. Pose
  • Revue
  • Taplet
  • Tempo Q.T.
  • Chica Chica
  • Rumba Grrrl

The LOL Surprise Dance collection includes glitter dolls.

lol surprise dance dance dance sparkle

You can buy LOL Surprise Dance Dance dolls starting March 1, 2021 on Amazon!

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