L.O.L. Surprise!

LOL Surprise Deluxe Present Surprise

lol surprise present surprise

New limited edition LOL Surprise – a gift set of surprises with LOL dolls for any holiday.

What is LOL Surprise Deluxe Present Surprise?

Deluxe Present Surprise – it’s a limited edition LOL Surprise toy, part of the series. LOL Surprise Present Surprise.

LOL Surprise Deluxe Present Surprise is two large gift boxes, inside of which there are many surprises and, of course, a doll LOL Surprise with a pet.

Once a year the company MGA Entertainment produces such toys asLOL Surprise Pearl Surprise and Bubbly Surprise. That means you know exactly what dolls and surprises are waiting for you inside. And the unpacking process is the same – dissolve the hissing ball in water to open the dolls.

But LOL Surprise Deluxe Present Surprise has differences after all, we are talking about them further.

LOL Surprise Deluxe Surprise Packaging

There are two kinds of packaging LOL Surprise Deluxe Gift – pink and blue. Boxes with handle for easy carrying and tied with a bow as a real gift.

lol surprise deluxe present surprise box

On the box you will see the name of the series and photos of dolls LOL surprise that are inside. There is also a passport attached to the pen with information about the dolls that are inside. You can write your child’s name and wishes on the attached card.

Unboxing LOL Surprise Deluxe Present Surprise

Watch the photo and video unpacking of various LOL Surprise Deluxe Present Surprise boxes to choose which one to buy.

  1. The first step is to remove the bow – it is on Velcro and tape, and then open the box lid. The bow can be re-glued.
  2. when you open the lid you’ll find six surprise balls.
  3. In balls you will find – confetti, kinetic sand with shoes, kinetic sand with accessories and outfits for dolls LOL Surprise.
  4. Next you will find stickers, cards with photo dolls.
  5. And the most interesting thing is a sizzling gift, inside of which dolls of LOL are waiting for you.
  6. Pour water into the bottom of the box and dissolve the hissing bomb in it, you will see a box with a bow.
  7. The box says Happy Day and there are traces in which you can put a doll for a photo.
  8. Open the box and you’ll get a doll of LOL and a pet.
  9. Put on dolls outfits and accessories and start playing.
  10. Remember to check how LOL dolls change color in the water.

LOL Surprise Deluxe Present Surprise dolls

In every LOL Surprise Deluxe Present Surprise box you will find a LOL tots doll and her pet.

For each doll there are three outfits, accessories and shoes.

LOL dolls and pets change color.

lol surprise deluxe present surprise dolls

In a pink box of LOL Surprise Deluxe Present Surprise the doll’s names are Miss Partay and Partay Puppay.

lol surprise deluxe present surprise pink girl

In a blue LOL Surprise Dueluxe Present Surprise box, the doll’s name is Sprinkles and the pet Sprin-Claws.

lol surprise deluxe present surprise sprinkles

Сюрпризы LOL Surprise Deluxe Present Surprise

The limited edition LOL Surprise Deluxe Present Surprise offers many surprises:

  • Lol Surprise doll
  • lol surprise pet
  • shoes
  • Accessorise
  • outfits
  • water surprise
  • stickers
  • birthday decorations
  • confetti
  • kinetic sand

LOL Surprise Deluxe Present Surprise is a great birthday toy! Beautiful dolls and surprises unpacking will give a lot of fun to your child!

See also the LOL Surprise Present Surprise series, where you can collect a collection of 12 LOL dolls for each month of the year.

LOL Surprise Deluxe Present Surprise release date is June 2020.

Check the price LOL Surprise Deluxe Present Surprise on Amazon.

  1. Rachel Shepard says:

    These bath bombs dyed my kids skin they look like they are pink Smurf’s and my tub needs serious help bleach isn’t even helping it extremely unsafe

  2. Andrew Robles says:

    My daughter received the limited edition LOL surprise deluxe present surprise at her 6th birthday party yesterday. She was so excited to get the doll and pet surprise in the fizzy box. After the party, we opened the plastic box only to find nothing was inside the box! What a disappointment after the party. No doll, No Pet, Nothing!!! My daughter was so upset. I can send pictures if you would like and let you know details from the receipt also. Or, let me know if I should just return it to the store as I have the receipt? Thank you,
    Andrew Robles

    1. Administrator says:

      Hi! Too bad that happened. Of course, you can try to return the bad goods to the store.

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