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LOL Surprise Furniture 4 – Spice, Dusk, Dawn and Sugar

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Meet the new 2021 toys from MGAE – LOL Surprise Furniture Series 4.

LOL Surprise Furniture is a set of LOL Surprise dolls with a set of surprises:

  • furniture
  • accessories
  • outfit
  • game set.

As always, there are four types of LOL Surprise furniture in the collection:

LOL Surprise Furniture Cozy Zone with a Dusk Doll

  • LOL Surprise Doll Bedroom Set: Unpack more than ten surprises.
  • Fan favorite: the re-released Series 3: Dusk doll.
  • What’s inside: a bed for the doll, two pillows, a floor mirror, a blanket, and a tiny toy for the doll.
  • Don’t throw the box away: it unfolds and turns into a play set – the background for the doll’s bedroom!
  • Assemble the opposite of the Dusk doll from the Opposites Club, combine play scenes for a fun game!
  • LOL Surprise Furniture 4 can be used for the LOL Surprise house.
lol surprise furniture cozy zone

LOL Surprise Furniture Chill Patio with Dawn

lol surprise furniture chill patio dawn doll
  • Unpack more than ten LOL Surprise Furniture surprises, including a Dawn doll (LOL Surprise Dusk’s best friend), the furniture and accessories needed to set up the indoor house – the patio.
  • Fans of the Dawn doll will be happy to receive a re-released doll of the third series lol surprise.
  • that in addition to the doll in the set lol surprise furniture 4 patios: the most important – hammock, glasses and joystick for video games, chair-pillow and backpack.
  • Don’t throw the box away – it becomes a play space with a bright themed design for the best photo and fun play.
  • Buying two dolls from the opposites club: sunrise and sunset, you get even more fun play.
  • If you have a LOL Surprise House, then this furniture will complete it.

LOL Surprise Furniture Sweet Boardwalk with a Sugar doll

lol surprise furniture sugar doll
  • Sugar doll with a cart full of sweets will help develop your child’s imagination and bring a lot of new playtime. Collect more than ten surprises in the LOL Surprise Furniture set and start playing soon!
  • The beloved LOL Surprise Sugar doll has now been re-released.
  • Together with the doll you get: Candy cart with umbrella, chair, candy accessories, outfit and accessory for the doll.
  • You can play with the LOL Surprise Furniture 4 box! It unfolds and turns into a play area with a beautiful and bright design.
  • The best friend is Spice from the Opposites Club. Assemble both sets, connect the game scenes, and have fun.
  • The furniture from LOL Surprise Furniture 4 fits into the LOL Surprise house.

LOL Surprise Furniture B.B. Auto Shop with a Spice doll

lol surprise furniture bb auto
  • LOL Surprise Spice doll comes with a car and 8 other surprises.
  • In the LOL Surprise Furniture 4 set you get a cute pink car with a trailer, accessories, and stickers for them.
  • Lay out a box with a stylish design and use it as a play space.
  • It is compatible with LOL Surprise House.

Collect all four LOL Surprise Furniture 4 , use the furniture in your LOL Surprise House or create a large play area with your dolls.

Buy LOL Surprise Furniture 4 at Amazon.com for $15.

The LOL Surprise Fittings are usually released at the same time as the older LOL OMG sisters. So we are waiting for the announcement about LOL OMG series 4.

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